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Two of the most popular home decorating trends of late are minimalist and simple and modern and funky. It is possible to achieve a bit of both, and that can usually be accomplished by adding one single statement piece of furniture (or accessories or other décor items) to brighten up a room.

After staring at the drab paint that was in our dining room for years, for example, we livened it up with a funky striped pattern that gives the room an entirely new look. Meanwhile, the living room was instantly brightened up, quite literally, with a stylish floor lamp.

Need some ideas to brighten up rooms in your own home? Here are a few ways you can accomplish just that.

Brighten Up Your Living Room

The central focal point of most living rooms these days is, let’s be honest, a television. That’s certainly the case in my home, which is why I love having a flat panel OLED TV that looks just as gorgeous mounted to an entertainment unit when it’s turned off as it does when it’s displaying my favourite TV shows. And while a television is technically not furniture, they do contribute to the overall look of a room. TVs like Samsung’s The Frame, for example, can display works of art when they are turned off, effectively Nesting Tables in the Living Roomdisguising themselves as wall paintings or photographs.

Beyond the television, you can add a pop of colour with an item like a contemporary coffee or side table in a stand-out colour like red or in a funky shape that makes it as much a statement piece as it is functional furniture. We have nesting tables at either side of the couch in our living room, which are perfect for pulling out when we have guests over. But even when nesting within each other, they just look cool.

One item we recently added to the living room to brighten it up was an area rug. Finished in a grayish-bluish pattern, it perfectly contrasts the light brown original hardwood flooring and espresso-coloured furniture. It was a small change that made a huge difference.

Living Room area rug

Then, of course, there’s the literal way to brighten up a living room, which is with a floor lamp. Look for something stylish that will brighten up the room not only through actual light but also by its gorgeous styling, even when it’s off.

Add Panache To Your Kitchen & Dining Area

Kitchen bar stools

I found a clever way to brighten up my kitchen, which is almost all white in terms of cabinets and paint, by buying all of my small appliances in a bold red finish. From my stand mixer to my full-sized and immersion blenders, they all add a nice (and unified) refreshing splash of red. There are ways to brighten the kitchen with furniture as well.

A more elaborate way to brighten up an otherwise drab or monotone kitchen is to buy a dining set that adds liveliness. That might be through a bold colour scheme, modern or conversely, retro chic design, or even a funky style. A glass table might be out of the question if you have young kids running around, but if not, it’s worth considering. It’s a bright and reflective surface that will attract light to instantly brighten up the room.

Glass Dining Set

We have bar stools on the opposite side of one kitchen counter and it’s amazing how often they are used. My nine-year-old son has breakfast there every morning, and any time we have guests over, these are the chairs people most often gravitate to. They give the kitchen a more inviting and casual appeal.

Funky ChandelierAnother item we added that made a major difference was to replace the dated and unattractive light fixture the previous homeowners had in the kitchen when we first moved in with an eye-catching chandelier. It has become a conversation piece with anyone who visits and creates not only a literally brighter room but also a more interesting look. A cool pendant lamp could work as well, depending on how big your kitchen is and the height of the ceilings. Adding a unique light fixture of any kind can instantly refresh the room.

One of my absolutely favourite décor items in my dining room is an oversized wall mirror that fits horizontally on the back wall. The mirror, which measures about 5.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall, really opens up the relatively small room so it looks much bigger than it really is. And it also brightens the room with the reflections from the sun coming in from an adjacent window.

Illuminate the Bathroom

Illuminated light mirror for bathroom

Speaking of lighting, illuminated mirrors in the bathroom are a perfect way to brighten up that room of the home, not to mention they help make shaving, applying make-up, and doing your hair much easier. When you’re feeling groggy right out of bed but need to get ready to start a long day at work, some literal light can not only brighten up the room, but your mood, too.

Bookcase headboard for bedCreate Soothing Ambiance In The Bedroom

The bedroom is your own personal space, but it’s also where you first wake up every morning and the last place you see at night. It’s where you get dressed for the day (or night out) and where you enjoy rest and relaxation. So, it’s important that this room is bright and welcoming, too.

An eye-catching bed is the perfect place to start since this is the central focus of any bedroom. And while the frame is the most important part from a functional perspective, the headboard and footboard are the parts that are most visible. Instead of going with something basic, consider a bookcase headboard that can house decorative items, turning the bed into a piece of furniture that can add colour to the space. Plus, it’s the perfect spot to rest your book, eyeglasses, reading lamp, and other items when you’re ready to tuck in for the night.

Naturally, bedding is also important to complement the furniture, so look for eye-catching, bright, and bold patterns. It’s amazing how a new duvet or bed sheet set can instantly brighten up a bedroom.

Gaming ChairLiven Up The Home Theater Or Games Room

Furniture for the games room, whether that’s your basement, den, or an actual dedicated room in the home, is arguably the category you can have the most fun with. The most obvious choice of furniture is a super-cool gaming chair that not only looks amazing but also serves a purpose in providing comfort during those extra-long gaming sessions. They come in a wide range of colours, styles, and designs to suit the size of the room and even the types of games you play.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

This is another room where lighting can really play into the overall look and, not surprisingly, contribute to brightening up the room in more ways than one. Look at smart lighting here, and consider systems like the Nanoleaf light panels that can be arranged in a variety of configurations, or light strips from brands like Philips that you can place under and around furniture to add to the gaming experience.

Brighten The Home Office

Office desk chair blueIf you have a home office, chances are you spend quite a bit of time there. An office chair is important not only because you sit it in for hours every day, which means it needs to be ergonomic and comfortable. But it also contributes significantly to the look of the office. A simple chair in a colour beyond boring black can make all the difference in brightening up a room.

A filing cabinet might sound like a boring addition but it can help tidy up the room by housing and organizing your files and folders. Adding one to my home office was the best decision I ever made. And there are some Filing Cabinetreally stylish ones in different finishes and colours.

Bottom line

There are lots of ways you can use furniture to liven up every room of your home, from the living room to the bathroom, and the games room. It’s amazing what a difference a single piece of furniture or décor item can make.

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