fresh-small-living-room-design-and-decorating-gallery-Optimized-2.jpgTis the time to start your Christmas shopping if you haven’t already. I am pretty proud of my organization this year, but there’s always those few family members I never know what to get. Usually it’s my parents and in-laws. What do you get someone that is special yet practical and something they wouldn’t usually buy themselves?

I like a gift to reflect the fact that I took the time to think about the person I’m buying for. Sometimes it’s hard to buy something personal, and so I try to think of something for the house that’s not too impersonal, but that they would get some joy from.

With my in-laws it’s really easy since they’ve been in the same home for well over 30 years, and with 4 kids to raise, and now grandkids, they haven’t spent the money on updating their home. I know they really love getting new pieces for their house. We’ve bought them over the last few years a new T.V and a huge dining room table so we can all enjoy family dinners at the table together, so I’ll have to do some thinking what to get them this year.

Giving the gift of a living room face lift would also be great for your grandparents and even your grown kids who are living on their own or recently moved into a new place. This is really a perfect gift that can last for years and the people on the receiving end will be sure to appreciate.

As I mentioned, last Christmas we bought a new dining table for my in-laws, and since they can get quite pricey, my brothers and sisters in law all contributed. Having a large family to share costs with is a great solution and allows us to really get some beautiful pieces that are classic and timeless.

Sofas and chairs

sofa.jpgI’m thinking we should go big again this year with a new sofa, the old black leather sofa they currently have is getting worn and it’s definitely time for a change. There are a lot of considerations when buying such an important item for someone, so I’ll have to think of some casual ways to ask about what they would like. I know it will definitely be a neutral and with all the grandkids running around anything white or tan is definitely not in the running.

Since they are living in a house built in the 70’s with the staircase running right through the middle of it (why was this ever logical design?) the living room area is quite small. Also with the dining room table fully extended, my mother in-law now has to move her love seat every sunday dinner, just to fit the whole family at the table. I’m thinking it would be better to do a sofa and chair with automan instead of two sofas.

I love this 3-Piece Capilano Fabric Sofa, Ottoman & Chair Set. The grey colour is still a neutral but much warmer than black and with our fall and winter weather in full swing, fabric is much warmer and more inviting than leather to sit on. This fabric is easy to clean with a cloth in case of sticky little fingers from the grandkids too.

Accessorize the living room


Depending on how well you know someone, another great way to spruce up a living room is with some beautiful accessories like art or some new lamps.

I have red as my accent colour in my living room and I just love it. I also noticed that my mother in law recently bought a cozy red throw blanket and I think red would look fantastic with the grey of the sofas. Actually my mum (yes, I’m English) has red as her accent colour too, so I’m thinking it must be popular right now.

The great thing about accessorizing your living room is that it can really set the tone for the room, and since accessories are fairly affordable you can update every few years when you feel like you need a change. My in-laws love to garden and I think this CAP “Sunshine Tulips” by Assaf Frank Giclée Canvas Art would be lamp.jpgperfect above their fireplace. The colours are so vibrant and it’s a small way to bring the outdoors in and will be cheerful to look at on our gloomy fall/winter days.

I’ve noticed that both my mum and my in-laws don’t have any floor lamps. Over head lighting can be so bright and I love the softer glow of a lamp to read by. For me there’s nothing like cozying up under a heated blanket with a good book to read, so this is where a floor lamp comes in handy. I love this Aurora Lighting Getsu Floor Lamp, it’s perfect for reading a book and it’s super stylish.

Great storage pieces


I can’t imagine my living room without a bookshelf. They are great to showcase your book collection, but I also love to add in accessories and picture frames as a design element. Having extra storage is always a great option too. I know when I visit someones home I love to have a snoop at what’s on their bookshelf, whether it’s books, pictures or any other goodies they may have displayed there.

A beautiful wood piece is something that can last for years. Right now I’m loving this modern and functional Monarch 8-Shelf Bookcase. I love how it has the seperate box compartments so you can have books in one compartment and accessories in another. The black boxes with the grey middle are really modern but also classic and will be in style for years to come.

When it comes to buying gifts for family or close friends this year and you don’t know what to get them, take a look around their living room next time you’re over and see if there’s something missing or needing an update.

You can find some great living room makeover ideas at

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