aden and anais bamboo fibre muslin swaddle-feature picIf spring is for cleaning, does that mean fall is for shopping? As you reach the end of another great summer, it might be time to stock up on new items for your baby, whether they’re to supplement what you already have for a little one, or prepare for the coming of a new child. And there are some great new options from aden + anais and BabyBjorn.

Get ready to swaddle

You can never have too many blankets. And swaddle blankets don’t have to be used just for swaddling. Depending on the size, design, and material, you could also use them as stroller covers, nursing covers, or even for tummy time play.

Especially great for newborns, or to take with you to the hospital to greet your upcoming baby, the aden + anais Bamboo Fibre Muslin Swaddle blanket is made from ultra-soft aden and anais classic easy swaddle blanketrayon, from bamboo fibre muslin. It’s large enough to help you properly swaddle a baby of varying sizes, but also be used as everything from a nursing cover to a tummy time blanket. And the material is such that the more you wash the blanket, the softer it gets. You can get it in a number of colours and patterns, from traditional white with tiny, silver stars (perfect for your little star!) to the more playful and fun blue and white patterned version shown here.

Another option is the aden + anais Classic Easy Swaddle Blanket, which is made from breathable material that helps reduce the risk of overheating. It’s a good choice for those who just can’t seem to get the hang of how to swaddle. Just as with the Bamboo Fibre Muslin Swaddle, this one can also come in handy as a nursing or stroller cover, changing babybjorn fly friend toy barpad cover, burp cloth, or tummy time blanket. The jungle jam giraffe pattern is also a cute touch.


Speaking of tummy time, while you’ll spend at least a few minutes each day doing that with your baby once he’s learned how to hold his head up, there will be times when baby wants to engage in upright play as well.

Keep baby soothed and entertained in the BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft that has three positions for use while baby is awake, as well as when he’s ready to take a little nap, or just happens to doze off. It offers a natural bouncing motion, plus proper back and head support. But the best part is that once your child is old enough, up to two years of age, it converts into an upright chair.

Sure, a bouncer alone is great if your child wants to rock himself to sleep. But what about babybjorn baby carrier onewhen they’re awake and ready to play? A bouncer alone won’t do. To enhance playtime in the aforementioned Bouncer, grab the BabyBjorn Fly Friend Toy Bar, which clips right onto it.

Use it to keep baby thoroughly entertained when you need a minute to get something done, and to help him help develop motor skills. The vibrant colours will have your baby smiling from ear-to-ear. It’s made of wood, steel, and plastic – all safe and tested materials.

Out and about

Once it’s time to head out and about, there are a few items that could come in handy.

Two hands are always better than one. And you may have found by now that just having a babybjorn play yardstroller to bring your child along isn’t enough. A baby carrier like the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One allows you to comfortably carry a child, from newborn up to about the age of 3, on your front or back in four different positions. The padded shoulder straps will keep you comfortable, and the waist belt offers added stability. If your little one happens to be a chubby baby (and thus incredibly adorable), you’ll appreciate the extra-wide 32cm seating area. As an added bonus, the carrier is machine washable.

What happens once you arrive to your destination, whether it’s a hotel, friend or family member’s house, or cottage? When my son was little, I swore by the BabyBjorn Play Yard which we used both in the living room at home, and whenever we stayed somewhere overnight. We even brought it to a cottage for use both inside and out. What makes it particularly appealing is that it’s lightweight (about 12 lbs.), packs up neatly into a carrying babybjorn baby plate spoon fork setcase, and can be set up and taken down easily within minutes – just pop each leg out, flip it over, place the mattress inside, and you’re done. Once it’s pack-up time, pull each leg out and tuck it in, wrap the mattress around it, pop it into the carry bag, and zip it up. Even if you already have a play yard you use at home, this one is perfect if you plan to travel, or if your baby has a lot of sleepovers. Because of how neatly it packs up, we still keep ours packed away at home for friends and family to use for their babies when they come to visit. The one thing I would suggest would be to place a thicker blanket on top of the mattress, followed by a fitted sheet, for added comfort if your baby will be sleeping inside for long periods of time.

Let’s eat!

Once your child reaches an age whereby he can feed himself, and he’s taking in more solids, you’ll want to keep him in the habit of using utensils. Naturally, the cuter they are, the more enticed your little one will be to use them. The BabyBjorn Baby Plate, Spoon & Fork Set is not only super cute in a pink and purple finish, but the spoon and fork are grip-friendly, and specially designed for small hands. The plate’s shape isn’t just for fun; it actually serves a useful purpose by helping make it easier for kids to scoop up a delicious bite of oatmeal, cereal, rice, or whatever other meal you’ve prepared. The two included sets are also easily stackable, and perfect to rotate for daily meals, or to use with two kids. Suitable for children aged four months and up, everything is made from BPA-free plastic.

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