summer-infantHaving a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life. That new baby smell, counting tiny toes, and holding your little one for the first time: these are all moments you’re going to look forward to while you’re waiting for your baby to arrive.

While you’re waiting you’re also planning, and part of that planning is picking and choosing the baby gear you’ll bring home. That’s when you’ll want to start looking at different brands, and one of the must-have baby brands is Summer Infant.

Summer Infant is a brand dedicated to developing safe, innovative baby products. From Summer Infant baby monitors to cribs and everything in between, everything that comes out of Summer Infant has been tested with your baby’s safety in mind.

Here’s a look at a few great products from Summer Infant.


Summer Infant Side by Side split-screen monitoring system

When you can see your baby in the nursery, you get peace of mind that you just can’t get from a simple audio baby monitor. Summer Infant’s Side by Side is a large 5” video baby monitor that lets you see your baby, and you can even pan, scan, and zoom so you can customize your view. Because it’s a split-screen monitor you can add extra cameras and see up to four rooms on one screen at a time. There’s also two-way communication so you can soothe your baby via the monitor.

What’s great about this monitor is that you can have them in different rooms of your house so you can always keep an eye on your baby or all of your children if you’d like to. I wish Summer Infant would have been around when I had my babies, because with 3 under the age of 3, I would have liked the extra set of eyes.


Summer Infant Baby Glow 2.8” Digital Video Monitor

Babies love to look at mobiles, and the Summer Infant Baby Glow monitor will give your baby an entire night sky to gaze at before he or she goes to sleep.

With a 3-colour night sky projection that plays with lullabies, your baby will love drifting off to sleep with such an amazing view. While baby goes to sleep you can peek in via the LCD screen from up to 600 ft away, and there’s automatic night vision and a rechargeable battery.

You might even spend some time watching the stars yourself.


Summer Infant SwaddleMe Jungle Pack

Summer Infant’s SwaddleMe pack is something every new parent will want to bring home. It’s a two-pack of swaddles with adjustable wings and a cozy design that will keep your baby snug and secure.

My babies all had a really strong startle reflex, and swaddles like the SwaddleMe really came in handy during long nights. What I really love about the SwaddleMe swaddles is that they readjust with hook and loop attachments so you don’t have to struggle with a receiving blanket and wonder if you’re swaddling the right way. They also have a leg pouch that opens so you can change your baby’s diaper without unwrapping him or her.

There’s a lot to love about Summer Infant. If you’re in the market for baby gear or you know someone who is and you’re looking for a gift, take a look at what they’ve got online at right now during the Baby Event.


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