babyThe summer months seem to bring with them extra or more than usual travel plans, and if you have a baby the thought of traveling with your little one can be overwhelming.

I remember the days of packing the diaper bag and the trunk of the car with all the baby necessities I could possibly need, only to get to our destination and realize I forgot something. I find that now that my boys are bigger a forgotten item isn’t that big of a deal and can be easily resolved,but when you have a baby, a missing item can be stressful and difficult.


Mobiles that sing or peekaboo will keep your young baby busy and focused

bee mobile.jpgEven very young babies love music, and once they can focus, having something to look at and follow with their eyes will keep them entertained. This Melissa & Doug Musical Pull Beehive Baby Toy is perfect for babies of all ages. The soft plush fabric will feel gentle in your babies hands and when you pull down on the bee your baby will be entertained by the music and the movement of the bee.



One of the games I played with my sons when they were little that always kept them entertained was the always popular peekaboo. The beauty with peekaboo is that you don’t need any fancy toy or accessory to play it.

I always used my sons favourite blanket or swaddles that I had on hand like these aden + anais Bamboo Swaddle. These swaddles are made of natural bamboo and are so soft. Your baby can use them to snuggle with, as a light blanket and they are perfect for peekaboo with your little one. There’s nothing like the look on a babies face when they pull the cover away and you say peekaboo. Those gummy smiles are priceless.


Toys with sounds and music will keep your baby happy and giggling

Bright.jpgOnce your baby has reached the stage where they can reach out and touch their toys there are some great toys on the market perfect for taking on the go. My sons favourite was a yellow bug (the car) that they could pull along but also had lights and sounds. It also had shapes that you fit into the corresponding holes in the car. Toys like this with multiple uses are the ones you want to take while traveling. They don’t take up a lot of space which is perfect when space is limited, such as when your destination requires flying.

This Bright Starts Lights & Sounds FunPad is great for ages 3 months and up. It has large soft buttons on a fabric screen which makes it gentle on babies sensitive hands, and the lights and sounds give visual and auditory stimulation.

The size of this toy will easily fit anywhere without taking up too much space and will make a great travel buddy for your baby.

The perfect stroller will allow your baby to enjoy the natural sights and sounds around them

stroller-Optimized.jpgI have yet to meet a baby that doesn’t love to be pushed around in a stroller, and having a stroller for traveling will allow your baby to see all the sights and hear all the sounds around them.

This Baby Cargo 300 Series Umbrella Stroller is lightweight, fits newborn up to 50 pounds, has a five point harness for safety, an adjustable sun shade and plenty of storage options. Your baby will be secure and will get to enjoy the sights and sounds while you’re out for the day.

I find traveling a little on the stressful side, especially if I haven’t taken the time to pre-plan and make a list. Without one I am sure to forget something and I hate to be away from home and missing something. Babies are easy to take along since they just go wherever you take them with no complaints or opinions, but you definitely want to have the right toys and accessories to keep them entertained.

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