guzzie and guss lightweight stroller with childI recently took the guzzie+Guss Gallant lightweight stroller out for a spin, and I immediately decided that this is a strong contender for the stroller any parent should have for carting a small child around.

The Look of the guzzie+Guss Gallant Lightweight Stroller

This one is available in grey or navy, and is similar in set-up to the Serien, though it can be used for babies aged three months and up versus the six-month starting recommendation for the Serien.

guzzie and guss lightweight stroller upright

Forward-facing, this stroller, like others in its class, is ideal as a secondary stroller to use with your baby once he’s able to hold his head up and sit upright versus lying flat in a bassinet-style stroller, or with a car seat attached. It’s great for road trips, travel, or outings where you want something less complex, more lightweight, but still easy to navigate around crowds of people or busy streets or shopping malls.

It offers the same level of safety you’d get with a more premium stroller, including a five-point safety harness to secure your baby or toddler (up to 50 lbs.) inside, and deluxe zip-out canopy (more on this later) to keep baby shaded from the sun, or comfortable inside guzzie and guss lightweight stroller out of boxwhile he takes a quick nap. And it has some premium-level features, like a reclining seat.

Set Up and Use of the guzzie+Guss Gallant Lightweight Stroller

Set-up was super easy. Slide the stroller out of the box, pop on the two front wheels, and attach the canopy, which can be done in three easy steps: slide the ratchets on either side into the side mounts until you hear a click, attach the Velcro at the back and sides, and snap the two back buttons into the corresponding buttons on the back of the seat.

To open the frame, release the frame lock and lift the stroller. Step on the black knob on the back to pull it fully open and click it into position. Likewise, pull the knob up and squeeze the sides together to collapse the stroller. A neat feature: a strap on the back that makes it easy to carry the stroller over your shoulder if you’re traveling up a flight of stairs whilst baby is in one parent’s arms, for example, or while bringing it out to the trunk. guzzie and guss lightweight stroller back knobThere’s also a small carry handle on the back, right side.

I love the deluxe zip-out visor on the canopy: zip it open to add more cover for a sleeping baby inside, or to protect baby from the elements, like rain or snow that’s falling in the opposite direction you’re walking. There’s also a neat flap for letting in a bit of sun or air, or simply appeasing a child who wants to be able to look up at the sky, or see mommy or daddy behind him. Another feature any parent can appreciate: a Velcro storage pocket at the back of the canopy, ideal for storing your smartphone, wallet, or baby essentials like a bottle, wipes, diapers, and snacks. It’s large enough to even fit a small foldable changepad, so you can easily head out for a quick walk with baby without bringing a purse or diaper bag along. If you’re going out for longer periods, the undercarriage mesh storage area is guzzie and guss lightweight stroller sunroofsizeable enough to fit a small purse or diaper bag.

Perhaps it’s my lack of handiness, but I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to recline the seat back. To do it, you need to lift two release slides on the back of the seat. Lift the side adjustment levers, found on each side of the stroller, right above the basket, to lower the back of the stroller, then push them down to secure the back of the stroller at the desired height. This allows you to lower the stroller so baby can recline back to catch a few ZZZs or relax. Or bring it back to the upright position when they’re ready to look around and explore.

The wheels employ an attractive look, with inner covers that make them opaque black and guzzie and guss lightweight stroller out of box storage pocketwhite circles—you don’t see the spokes. The front wheels can swivel, making it easy to navigate around corners and in tight spaces. Alternatively, you can lock them—ideal if your older child wants to take charge of pushing the stroller while you walk around the neighbourhood. Locking them is easily accomplished through a tongue lever on either side.

There are rear parking brakes on either side of the back wheels: step on each to engage the brakes. As with the Serien stroller, I wonder what the purpose is for having independent brakes, since you’d need to engage both of them every time. Nonetheless, it’s a quick and easy flip up or down of your toes to do so. (Note: if you’re wearing open-toed sandals or flip flops, you might need the assistance of your hand to avoid strain on your guzzie and guss lightweight stroller wheelstoes.)

Once seated inside, you can secure your child using the adjustable five-point harness. While the stroller is rated for kids up to 50 lbs., note that the five-point harness is made for smaller kids. My 40 lb., 44” tall five-year-old son could just barely fit strapped in with the harness pulled to its maximum length. That said, most parents of kids aged five and up likely won’t use the safety harness with older kids, allowing them to freely jump in the stroller when they need to rest their legs a bit.

Also adjustable is the footrest, which you can leave straight out so your child can sit with his legs stretched forward, fold up to protect a small baby’s tiny toes, or push all the way down so your child can sit in the traditional way. To adjust, simply feel for the buttons under the fabric on either side.


guzzie and guss lightweight stroller footrest up
guzzie and guss lightweight stroller footrest out
guzzie and guss lightweight stroller footrest down


An added benefit that makes this affordable stroller great as a primary rather than secondary one is the ability to work with some car seats. Attach both ends of the included car seat safety strap to the metal D rings on both sides of the waist belt, lift the footrest to a 90-degree position, attach the footrest enclosure, and place the car seat inside, facing the handles. Then, connect the car seat safety strap over the front of the seat and connect guzzie and guss lightweight stroller expanded canopythe buckles. It certainly isn’t as simple a process as you find with other strollers that work with snap-in car seat adapters. But it’s a good option to have in a pinch, like if you’re traveling and need the car seat to use with taxis or a rental car, but don’t want to be left lugging it around with you while you walk about on vacation, for example.

The fabric can also be hand and spot-cleaned, so make sure to take good care of it, which means not leaving it outside in the summer or in the extreme cold. The material appears to be relatively easy to wipe down should a spill or some spit-up happen (and let’s face it, it will) with a cotton cloth and mild detergent.

Bottom Line About the guzzie+Guss Gallant Lightweight Stroller

There are a few things in particular that I love about this stroller. The first is its lightweight frame and easy carry handle. The second is the design of the canopy, which includes not only a little “sunroof” for your child, but also a zippered section for expanding it, and an amply-sized storage pocket at the back. It’s hard not to love the funky design of the wheels. And the adjustable footrest will appeal to both parents of small babies, and older kids who will love being able to lounge while they play on a tablet or enjoy some snacks. And while I couldn’t quite get the hang of the reclining function—I really wish the design was a bit simpler—that might just be my own issue.

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