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Anyone who has (or has had) a baby knows that your list of “must-have” items is pretty long. And the list of “nice-to-have” items is even longer. But there are three things in particular that every parent should have for his baby, two of which might often be overlooked.

Car Seat

First, a car seat is, of course, a must. Most hospitals in Canada will not let you leave until you both present a safe car seat, and show your newborn safely strapped inside.

You want a car seat that boasts as many safety features as possible, a snug fit for baby, is forward-facing, has a stable base, and comes with an infant insert, particularly if it’s for a newborn who might be extra tiny.

The Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite 65 3-in-1 car seat is a good option because it can last beyond the forward-facing stage. As the name implies, it can transform for rear-facing once your child reaches the size limits, then to a belt-positioning booster for a toddler – there are five harness heights and three buckle locations. This will allow you to use it throughout your child’s youngest years, likely right up to when they start kindergarten.

Safety-wise, it comes with EPP energy-absorbing foam, four-position recline, and anti-rebound bolsters that prevent the baby’s head from hitting the seat back in the unfortunate event of a collision. Harness covers prevent the straps from rubbing against the baby’s neck or face. And mom and dad will like the ease of installation afforded by the One Click UAB miniconnectors, and four-position recline for an ideal fit in various vehicles.

baby bjorn baby carrier one.jpgBaby Carrier

If you’ve ever tried to grab “just a few items” from the grocery store with a babe in arms, you realize just how difficult this can be. Even with a stroller, you need to carry a separate bag, or avoid questioning looks as you toss items in the undercarriage, reassuring passers-by that yes, you are headed to the checkout to pay for them.

Shopping aside, a baby carrier is a handy tool to bring baby along pretty much anywhere, whether it’s a jaunt to the shopping mall, or a walk in the park. It will be especially useful if you have a second child you need to keep an eye on, and only have a single stroller.

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One can be used to carry baby both on your front or back, and comes with extra padded shoulder straps for added comfort, along with a waist belt. The machine-washable carrier can be used with children from newborn age up to 3.

Play Yard

Play yardPicture this: you’re on maternity leave, or simply
at home alone with your baby, and want to get a few simple tasks done, like grabbing the laundry from the basement, or running to the kitchen to pour a refreshing glass of water. What do you do? Leave your baby unattended? (Never!) Bring him along with you as though you guys are Siamese twins? (Maybe.) Ideally, you’d have a gated off area for a rolling, crawling or walking baby to roam for a few seconds while you do what you need to do. A play yard is a great option, because it can be collapsed when you don’t need it, and it’s portable, which means you can bring it to a friend’s house, or up to the cottage, to use there as well.

The Cosco Deluxe Play Yard has padded floors and mesh sides so a sitting baby can still see through, and you can see him without having to peer over the top. But the best part: it folds easily for storage or to throw into the trunk of the car (it weighs about 20 lbs.), and even has two wheels for gliding it around. Once you need it, it sets up in less than a minute.

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