geeksquadintro.jpgIf you’re looking for that helping hand to set your Smart Home up, Geek Squad has recently expanded the number of services they offer and there’s no time like the present to take advantage of what they can do to get you up and going. Not only can you take advantage of having Geek Squad come help you set up the ways you want your home to be smarter, but they can even take care of all of the installation work for you too. There’s no need to crawl into tight spaces or get up on ladders to hook up security cameras. With Geek Squad on your side, you can sit back with a cup of coffee and have everything done for you.


It starts with a free consultation


A while back, I spoke in length about the introductory in-home Geek Squad Smart Home consultations. This free service is still available (for both Smart Home and Home Surveillance) and offers much more than helping you come up with a few product selection ideas. Geek Squad can also take care of other helpful roadblocks, like determining whether you have all appropriate pre-requisite equipment (ie. a computer that can support a wireless security system if it calls for one) or helping you minimize any internet signal issues. Considering that many smarthome products nowadays require a continuous internet connection with a healthy signal, something like this means just as much as making sure you’ve selected the right products.


If you have read my previous smart home blogs over the years, you’ll know that there are many cases where products can interface with each other, even if they are of different brands. Thanks to apps like Muzzley, internet websites like IFTTT or partnerships like Works with NEST, your products don’t all have to be the same brand in order to interconnect and work together. If you’re going to adding a lot of products at once, speak with your Geek Squad consultant if something like this interests you to see if there’s a connecting system that’s best suited for you that you can take advantage of.


Piper IP Camera.jpg


Lots of different installation options


One of the problems you can often run into installers are the level of skill and specialty. For example, would you prefer an electrician come to your house to install something like a smart thermostat? Not everybody’s fortunate enough to have a skilled electrician on speed dial (hi Dad!) and for cases like those, you can consult with Geek Squad to help make the right choices. If you take my example above, Geek Squad can come out and install a smart thermostat for you, but if you prefer, you can also have them bring in an electrician to come in and do the same thing.


There are numerous installation services available, whether you want one, two or many devices installed. During that initial consultation with Geek Squad, they will help walk you through the end costs of what these installation services cost. Here is a full list of all the installation services offered by Geek Squad. As you can see, they can do everything from installing basic products to setting up the hardest ones.


Do you need to hide cables?


One of the new services available is cable concealment. If you’ve gone ahead and decided that you want to add a security system to your home and what you’ve chosen requires a lot of wiring to be passed through, Geek Squad can work to conceal the wires for you to help avoid tripping hazards and to keep things looking neat. There are a couple of different options available depending on how much wiring you need concealed.


Please note that the prices listed are only for standard frame construction homes. If you need pass-throughs on concrete, prices will vary based on hourly labour costs.


The Geek Squad Five Point Pledge


Geek Squad’s Five Point Pledge is one of the best in the service industry. Not only can you trust the work done when they come into your home, but they guarantee it will be done to your satisfaction and they’ll even make sure you know not only what they’ve done, but they’ll even take the time to teach you how to use what they’ve installed. The Pledge includes:


  • Performing the work to your satisfaction
  • Working with your schedule
  • Teaching you to use your system
  • Respecting your home as if it were our own
  • Remedying any defect in workmanship for up to 90 days

If you’re ready to go ahead and get your Smart Home set up, call 1-800-GEEKSQUAD or visit the Best Buy location closest to you. Trust Geek Squad to help you set up your smart home, whether that involves a couple security cameras, or the full package inside, outside and everywhere in between.


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