Camping.jpgCamping season is here again, and the roads are already full of travelers heading out for a weekend off the grid or by the lake. If you’ve got everything you need to spend a weekend outside you’re good to go, but a lot of people who want to camp don’t have or don’t know what to pick up to head out and enjoy the great outdoors.

That’s where camping bundles come in. Haven’t heard of a camping bundle? You’re in for a treat. They give you absolutely everything you need to go camping in an all-in-one kit you’ll take with you everywhere this summer.

Here’s a look at 5 of the new camping bundles available at Best Buy.


2 Person Camping Bundle2 Person Camping Bundle

Everything two people need to camp

Imagine choosing your campsite, opening your trunk, and everything you need to camp for the weekend is right there waiting for you. It’s possible with the 2-person camp starter kit. It’s got a cozy four-person World Famous tent that has a square dome design, a 2-burner stove to cook in the great outdoors, and 2 chairs to sit in while you eat. It also has Rockwater 2 airlift mattresses, 2 sleeping bags, and a jumbo cooler for all of your drinks. Plus, the dynamo lantern will give off a cozy glow when the stars are out.

Screenhouse bundleScreenhouse bundle

Enjoy the great outdoors: avoid all the bugs

One of the things that people think about in the winter is how they’ll enjoy sitting outside again in the spring and summer. But there are a lot of other creatures just waiting for you to sit outside too: from flies to mosquitos, if you really want to enjoy camping, you’ll need a screenhouse.

Thankfully Best Buy has a cool screenhouse bundle. It includes the World Famous Lodge Screenhouse to give you protection from the elements as well as other little creatures. You also get 2 North 49 chairs and a double mantle lantern that puts out up to 600CP of light to cozy up your screenhouse.

Director chair & blanket bundleDirector chair & blanket bundle

Kick back and watch the fire

One of the best things about camping is how you can sit beside a roaring fire, roast a few marshmallows, and enjoy the stars. But if you aren’t properly equipped to do that, you might find the experience a bit on the chilly side. That’s where the Director’s Chair bundle comes in. Not only do you get a cozy chair to keep you up and off the ground, you’ll also have a 50% wool blanket to keep you warm and a flashlight with three levels of illumination to help you back to your tent.

3 person tent bundle3 person tent bundle

Enough room for three, still perfect for one

 Sometimes you want to hit the great outdoors by yourself, or you want your own space for a little extra elbowroom from friends. The World Famous 3 person dome tent bundle is great for two, but when you use it on your own you have room to spare. This bundle comes with a great World Famous 3-person dome tent, a 15 degree Celsius sleeping bag, and the comfortable Rockwater Airlift mattress.

Cookstove bundleCookstove bundle

Explore your culinary skills in the great outdoors

Until you actually try cooking on a camping trip, you have no idea how much fun it can be. Bacon on the BBQ and scrambled eggs on the camp stove just taste so much better when they’re cooked in the fresh air. If you want to get everything you need to cook outside, all you need is the World Famous propane stove kit. It comes with the World Famous propane stove, cookset with pots, pan, and cups, and a coffee percolator to help you wake up in the morning.

When you pick up a camping kit, there’s no wondering if you forgot something, and you never have to stress about shopping for everything you need. It’s all right there waiting, and all you have to do is pack it up and head into the great outdoors.

Check out everything camping on Best Buy and enjoy your camping season this year!

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