I have never been the kind of person who wants to stand out from the crowd. One of my greatest fears, in fact, is being looked at too closely–well, that and spiders. And heights. And semi-aquatic environments. I’m afraid of a lot of things, is what I’m getting at, but being looked at is definitely one of them.

The Samsonite S-Lite 2-Piece Hard Side 4-Wheeled Luggage Set in Red is absolutely not the ideal luggage set for someone like me. It is, however, incredibly easy to spot on the luggage carousel, and it’s fantastic for someone who loves a pop of colour. It’s bright and fun without being gaudy, which I thank its semi-matte, finely-bumpy texture for. Not only is a slightly ridged texture great for blending into the crowd, it’s fantastic for minimizing and hiding scratches and other wear.

(That being said, I will totally make exceptions for glossy luggage if it’s a) lightweight enough, and b) burgundy enough. Give me all the burgundy luggage and I’ll be a happy camper.)

The Samsonite S-Lite 2-Piece Hard Side 4-Wheeled Luggage Set specs

The Samsonite S-Lite is a bright red (bright red) hard side luggage set with a wave-like, textured front. It’s incredibly eye-catching, with tomato undertones and plenty of intensity. (The S-Lite also comes in Deep Purple and Charcoal, which are both a little less ostentatious.)

Unlike most luggage sets, it comes in a 2-piece set, with one 23″ and one 21.5″ hard-side piece, at 3.8 kg and 26.64 kg, respectively. The S-Lite is designed to be lightweight, with four “multidirectional spinner wheels and adjustable locking handles.” The larger 23″ piece is expandable, while the carry-on is not.

The interior of the S-Lite features tie-down straps on one side (manual, not elastic, so they’re adjustable to any level of fill) and a zippered compartment on the other side. The zippered half of this luggage set has a full-sized mesh pocket on its front, which is great for storing things like travel documents and theatre tickets.

The Samsonite S-Lite also features interlocking zippers, which let you add a lock to keep your luggage secure during travel. But here’s a tip: make sure you purchase TSA-approved locks like the Go Travel Dual Combination/Key TSA Lock or Pacsafe Prosafe 800 TSA Cable Lock. If not, you might find that your lock gets cut off by security during transit!

My experience with the Samsonite S-Lite Luggage Set

I reviewed a lot of luggage this month. Like–a lot. You can read more of those pieces (and others) at the Best Buy Plug-In Blog, but I’m telling you that so you can get a scope for how important the following statement is.

The Samsonite S-Lite luggage set was the set that I was the least hopeful for. It was also the one that I loved the most.

I am not usually a Samsonite fan. Don’t get me wrong: I think they make great luggage; it’s just not typically my style. Their pieces tend to be a little bulkier than I’d like. (Case in point: the Samsonite Pinsky, which makes sense in theory but is just a huge, unwieldy, un-stackable train wreck in real life.) I definitely prefer the brand’s travel accessories, which I’ve never been disappointed by.

But the S-Lite is fantastic. It’s a two-piece set, for starters, which definitely appeals to me. Luggage is so often only available in singles and in three-piece sets, but as a casual traveller, I’ve never in my life needed a 28″ luggage piece. The 23″ and one 21.5″ pieces are the perfect setup for the trips that I usually take. I tend to use carry-on luggage for domestic trips (1-5 days), and mid-size pieces for longer trips (5 days-4 weeks, which is really as long as I’m ever gone for.)

On top of that, the Samsonite S-Lite has, I kid you not, the nicest handles I have ever seen. They’re lush and squishy, and feel like some sort of gummy-but-not-sticky rubber or silicone. And the material feels really durable, too; more like a long-wearing rubber than a foam that might pill with time. It’s far more comfortable than a netted or fabric-padded handle, and makes the full suitcase feel lighter than it really is–which is perfect for chronic over-packers like myself.

It also makes it easier to hoist your luggage up into an overhead carrying bin, or onto/off of a luggage carousel. I’m a little pickier about the luggage that I take with me on bus or train rides, as you have to interact with your luggage more than you would on an airplane flight, but the S-Lite totally passes muster.

Who the Samsonite S-Lite is best for

The Samsonite S-Lite 2-piece luggage set is best for, travellers like me. (Just maybe not exactly like me, unless it’s in Charcoal rather than Red!) Because it’s a 2-piece set, you’re not weighed down by the extra 28″ piece – or its cost.

If you don’t need a gigantic piece of luggage, then 2-piece sets are a fantastic option. They’re great for travellers who travel light, or who tend to take shorter trips. The standard recommendation is usually to take a 20″ for a weekend trip, a 24″ piece for a 1-2 week trip, and a 28″ piece for a month-long trip… Which never really made sense to me. I don’t need any more possessions to get me through a 4 week trip than I do a 2 week trip.

I mean, I’m not Kate Middleton. No one is going to judge me if I do a totally human thing and wear the same outfit twice.

Or eight times, but who’s counting?

As I mentioned earlier, the S-Lite is also a great luggage set for travellers who take the train a lot. It’s a particular favourite of mine for its cushy handles, making it ideal for those who struggle to carry their luggage onto sidewalks and into cars. (If you’re small-statured or weak-jointed like I am, your hands are going to love these handles!)

Shop the Samsonite S-Lite Luggage Set online at Best Buy, or check out your other options for 2- and 3-piece luggage sets.

Rae Chen
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