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If you’re jetting off sometime soon, here’s a luggage set that’ll help you show your Canadian pride. The Jetstream Canada Collection is a 2-piece hard side luggage set with great construction and cute, Canadian flair.

What comes in the box of the Jetstream 2-piece luggage set?

This luggage set comes with two pieces: A large 26″ hard side luggage piece and a carry-on sized 18″ luggage piece. (As always, we recommend that you check with your airline carrier before every flight. Every carrier sets its own carry-on guidelines, so not all pieces may be allowed in the cabin of all carriers!)

Both of these luggage pieces come with perforated tags sewn into the zipper line. For a seamless look, make sure to get under the rubber guard to remove all traces of the tags.

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Is this set available in different finishes?

Yes. This set is also available in Black Chevron. Reviewed here is the Rose Gold finish.

However, the different colour isn’t the only difference in finishes to look out for. There’s another small detail available in this Jetstream set: The difference between the brand’s regular line and their Canada Collection. It’s easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it, but heartwarming when you catch it.

The Jetstream Rose Gold set features a horizontal Jetstream logo. The Jetstream Rose Gold Canada Collection set, on the other hand, features a maple leaf on a crest. There’s no difference in the overall construction of this line of luggage, so opt for the Canada Collection if you want the little maple leaf! The Canada Collection is priced the same as the set with Jetstream branding, but is its own variation. So, check both versions to find the best price. They may go on sale separately.

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My experience with the Jetstream Canada Collection 2-piece luggage set

The Jetstream Canada Collection from Travelway is quite nice! Right off the bat, I noticed this set’s durable construction and beautiful, smooth wheels. Both of these pieces felt like they were gliding over my floors, either when packed full or when closed and empty. One quality that can be tricky for luggage wheels is that they’ll glide nicely on either two wheels or on four, but that isn’t an issue with this set: These feel equally smooth no matter how you’re pushing or pulling them. All of the wheels are single 360 degree spinner wheels.

These pieces feel solidly constructed and durable, with smooth zippers and sturdy handles. While they’re sold as “lightweight ABS suitcases,” they’re neither too heavy nor too light for my taste. The 20″ is 5.6 lbs while the 26″ is 8.05 lbs. The ABS construction used here is thick and hearty, offering a lot of protection without excess weight. It has microtexturing that will help conceal scratches and bumps. With details that are sunken instead of raised, the silhouette of the Jetstream Canada Collection is unlikely to snag on luggage carousels or other suitcases.

One thing that I’d keep in mind about this hard side luggage set is that these pieces are tapered. They are ever-so-slightly shallower and narrower at the top. It gives them a unique look, but does mean that you lose out a bit on interior space. Not all Jetstream luggage pieces do this, so make sure to look at the rest of the line if you want to maximize the size of your luggage pieces.

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My favourite things about this luggage set

The wheels are definitely a big part of why I love this 2-piece hard side Jetstream Canada Collection set. However, they’re far from the only thing I love.

I’m also a big fan of the durable exterior, roomy interiors, and multiple compartments. When you’re packing for a trip, organization is everything. Having multiple compartments, like the zippered mesh half and elasticized half in the carry-on, is immensely helpful in keeping everything in its place. I’d definitely add a luggage organizer to this set, but I appreciate the side pocket as well. (I’m not sure what most people keep in there: Passports? Charging cables? Shampoo? Personally, I always put my socks in there—I hate having to rummage around for them when I’m trying to rush out the door and make it to a museum or a meeting.)

The top and side handles on the Canada Collection are also stellar, with soft grips and sturdy springs. Similarly, the telescoping handle is well-constructed. The handle on the 26″ piece locks once and the handle on the carry-on locks in two positions.

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Attention to detail

When I unzipped these luggage pieces for the first time, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the discreet Canadian branding doesn’t stop with the shield. The interiors of these suitcases are also lined with maple leaves and red maple leaves adorn the zipper pulls of this set. On the telescoping handle, you will also find Canadian details.

While small, these details give me confidence in the build quality of this 2-piece luggage set. Each customization of a piece of luggage costs the company money to add to the production line. So, multiple customizations can be a good indicator of a high production value or a high build quality. If a brand is willing to spend the extra money to add details purely for user enjoyment—details that aren’t functional and don’t make the brand any extra money—that shows me that they may be more likely to spend a little extra on things like materials and design, too.

A common way that you see this in luggage brands is in the products’ interiors. Budget brands will make all of their luggage pieces identical inside to maximize profits, while higher-quality brands will use different pockets, zippers, and linings throughout their product line. It costs them a little more money in most cases, but offers a more luxurious experience for the user.

If you’re browsing through Best Buy’s luggage section, try to keep that in mind to find a set that will offer a more custom experience!

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In conclusion

This is all to say that, well, I really enjoyed using this hard side luggage set. I think it’s a stellar luggage set offered at a great price, and the Canadian twist on these products is a nice touch. I haven’t read anywhere that Jetstream is a Canadian brand—I think they’re just producing these for Canadian travellers to enjoy—but either way, this is a great 2-piece hard side luggage set for both domestic and international travel.

Shop the Jetstream Canada Collection online at Best Buy today.

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  1. Love the spinner wheels…so much easier to move around a packed suitcase with well constructed wheels!

  2. The favourite feature for me is the multi compartment feature of this luggage because I want my belongings to be very organized and easily accessible.

  3. I like the single 360 degree spinner wheels best, because good wheels are essential for maneuvering around airports!

  4. The multiple compartments is a MUST for me. Since I travel light, my luggage needs to be very ell organized.

  5. The spinner wheels are a great feature. It makes it easier to maneuver through busy airports especially when you have children to keep an eye on

  6. In order to be eligible to win and receive the 2-piece Rose Gold Jetstream Canada Collection luggage set – I would say Lightweight, Colour and 360° Spinner Wheels.

  7. The 360° multi-directional 4 rolling wheels is my favourite feature because it will let me move around and rotate my suitcase as I please.

  8. I like that the carry on is only 5.6 lbs. I pack light so it should be able to meet the weight restrictions for most airlines.

  9. Love the colour of this set and the 360 degree spinner wheels, it really makes it so much easier to maneuver.

  10. I like the wheels – sounds like they are smooth and multidirectional which is great for travelling in heels,

    • Because it’s a very unique aesthetic and I appreciate the little attention to detail they have given to this special collection.

    • Because it makes for easy handling and travel. Luggage with wheels should make travel easier, not weigh you down!

  11. I like the smooth zippers because it is important the zippers work well or you would have to change suitcases before a flight.

  12. I like the wheels – sounds like they are smooth and multidirectional which is great for travelling with kids. You don’t want to have to wrangle kids and your luggage.

  13. I love the durable exterior – especially when a different brand I bought (hard case?) broke in several pieces on the first international trip I took with it.

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