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Health monitoring technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry. With various products available on the market, anyone can monitor and control their own health from the comfort of their home. Brands like Withings have created a line of smart devices that give users access to their health data while allowing them to set and achieve personal fitness goals. Using the new Withings Connected Health Bundle, older adults and caregivers can use health monitoring technology to take advantage of the benefits explored throughout this article.

Older adults can stay connected to their health with the Withings bundle

We know how important it is to manage our health at any age. Fortunately, with the innovation of health monitoring technology it is becoming more convenient for anyone to take control of their health. Best Buy Health has partnered with Withings to create a health technology bundle that supports health monitoring while taking out the think work that could go into choosing the right devices. These devices can provide individuals with long term tracking of accurate health metrics, access to personalized data, support fitness goals, and they make it easy to share results with a healthcare professional. Let’s look at some of the benefits of health monitoring technology:

Track your health metrics

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Being aware of one’s health measurements is one way to improve overall health. Having an accurate reading of heart rate, blood oxygen level, body weight, and sleeping patterns can help identify any changes within the body. In some cases, this can result in early detection of ailments—which enables earlier treatment. Smart health devices can help support individuals throughout their health journey by giving them the information they need to support their well-being.

Withings smart watch with smartphone

Personalized data in one place

Withings makes it convenient for users to keep track of their health metrics. This is because their devices work in sync with one another and within one app. This means no matter which Withings device you own, you can view your measurements in the Health Mate app once you have installed and paired your Withings device with the app.

Support fitness goals

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Exercise is crucial when it comes to our health as it can improve cardiovascular function, increase muscle strength and flexibility, and can help with reducing stress and anxiety. It can also help individuals prevent health problems that could potentially come with aging. Whether you lift weights or just enjoy the occasional walk, it can be beneficial to set goals and track your progress. With smartwatches it is easy to monitor your fitness to support living a healthy lifestyle while continuously improving your physical activity.

Share results

Over the past few years virtual healthcare appointments have become more mainstream. Having the option to virtually meet with a healthcare provider has helped individuals save time by not having to drive to their appointment. Virtual appointments, however, wouldn’t be possible if the healthcare provider needs to check someone’s health metrics. But by having access to our own data, it is possible to share those results—without having to leave the home. And if an individual does feel more comfortable doing an in-person visit with the doctor that is perfectly fine too. All the data is on the app for easy sharing in person.

At this point you might be thinking, isn’t tracking metrics what doctors are for? And you are right. Health monitoring technology will never replace healthcare professionals. They are the experts, but having the option to access and monitor health data could mean fewer trips to the doctor’s office. This can give individuals more time to do things they enjoy.

Health monitoring tech can give peace of mind to caregivers

Health monitoring technology has a lot of benefits for anyone, at any age, and especially for caregivers. Caregivers are the ones who support individuals with their daily needs. Using smart health technology, caregivers can have access to the individual’s health metrics so they can monitor their loved one and accompany them on their healthcare journey. It can also give the caregiver peace of mind by having the ability to see data right away so they can be aware of any irregularities.

Device setup with Geek Squad and Best Buy Digital Citizen

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If you are new to this kind of technology, you might be wondering about the set up, but we’ve got you covered. With many of our products, you will have the option to have Geek Squad come to the home and set up the devices and install the app, so you don’t have to lift a finger. And if you decide you want to set up the device yourself you will find a how-to guide on Best Buy Digital Citizen, providing you with the steps to successfully set up your new devices.

The new Withings Connected Health Bundle

Connected health with Withings bundle in blue

Included in this bundle are the Withings ScanWatch hybrid smartwatch, the Withings Body Cardio smart scale, and the Withings Sleep Pad monitor. Each of these products is designed in a way that provides accurate measurements and brings a level of style and comfort so that you don’t have to sacrifice one over the others. The ScanWatch is the perfect mix between technology and elegance and has a battery life of over 3 weeks. The Body Cardio smart scale supports building healthy habits, and the Sleep Pad slides right underneath the mattress so anyone using it does not need to worry about wearing the product to bed.

Check out the new Withings Connected Health Bundle to learn more about these devices that can help individuals stay connected to their health.

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