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During the past two years, health and fitness became a priority for everyone working from home. Many people turned to jump rope as a way to stay fit at home. Sales for jump rope skyrocketed during the pandemic. 

I am a case in point. After gyms closed down, I learned to jump rope by watching YouTube videos. I never tried jump rope before, so this was all new to me. At first, I was clumsy and uncoordinated, but after 2 years of daily practice, it’s a big part of my life. 

Today I’m reviewing the Hyrope Smart Jump Rope from Hygear. I’ve also reviewed Hygear Gear 1 Portable Smart Fitness System with smart resistance bands. Like the bands, the Hyrope pairs with the Hygear app on your phone and has AI technology built-in. It provides personalized training based on your actual workout performance. That allows for a perfectly tailored exercise routine based on your current skill level. 

Compared to others, my jump rope skills are pretty advanced. I’m curious to see what kind of training it will recommend. I’m also very accustomed to my current jump rope so I wonder how that will affect my performance and opinion of this smart rope. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the design. 

Hyrope Smart Jump Rope - Close up

Design of the Hyrope smart jump rope

The handles of the Hyrope Smart Jump Rope measure approximately 6” long and are constructed with see-through plastic. This allows you to see the components inside. Interestingly, the two provided AAA batteries only go into the handle with the LCD screen. This suggests the AI features are likely captured from that single, powered handle.

The top of both handles houses a smooth ball bearing where the rope loops in. This allows the handle to spin with relative ease. It’s a common feature among high-end weighted ropes. 

The Hyrope comes with a 3-meter PVC-covered steel wire rope. This is exactly the type of rope I started with. It’s a great choice for beginners because it’s strong and durable. Currently, I’m using a nylon rope that kinks easily if you don’t have good rope control.  

Despite the batteries being in one handle, both handles feel the same weight. They are heavy, especially compared to my nylon rope. Some people prefer heavy handles and even weighted ropes. They give your arms a killer workout. So it can be good or bad depending on your preference and fitness goals. 

Adjusting the rope length 

To adjust the rope length, users just need to feed the rope into the top of both handles. The Hyrope comes with anti-slip rope locks that attach the ropes together. This is quick and easy to do. However, you don’t want to lose those rope locks. Thankfully, they come with extra ones just in case. 

With jump rope, getting the proper rope length is critical. The best way to measure the proper length is to place a foot in the middle of the rope and hold both handles in front of you. The top of the handles should be close to your armpits. That’s a good starting point and you can adjust from there to fit your personal preference. Ideally, you want to keep your arms as close to your body. If they are far away when you jump, make the rope smaller. 

Pairing the Hyrope to the Hygear app

The Hyrope connects to the Hygear smartphone app through Bluetooth. Once connected, users can track workouts in real-time. The app provides workouts that match users’ fitness goals. From there, the AI technology adjusts workouts based on a user’s actual fitness performance.

With the app, users can track their workout progress over time. It displays simple workout summaries and tracks total training and progress over time. Most workout programs combine jump rope with bodyweight exercises to build strength, stamina, and cardiovascular health. 

Hyrope Smart Jump Rope - Side profile

Using the Hyrope smart jump rope

The first thing I did was match the rope length to my current jump rope. This ensures my technique stays the same. For basic jumps, I had no issue adjusting to the Hyrope. I was able to do all the basic jumps. I struggled with any crossover moves. This is because the handles are longer and heavier than my current nylon rope. 

One thing I didn’t use or look at was the LED display. This is supposed to give you real-time data without the app. However, the information it provides is not clear. I looked at the instructions and there was no information on it.  

The better way to track jump rope sessions is through the Hygear app. Here you can select a freestyle workout, select the number of jumps per set,  and track your workout in real-time. I used a smartphone but a tablet is better to view it live. 

At the end of the workout, it provides a summary showing total jumps, total calories and average pace. If you record each workout, you can then see a workout history of all those metrics over the course of days, weeks, and months. 

Who should buy the Hyrope smart jump rope

The Hyrope is definitely geared towards beginners. Learning to jump rope is not easy. Many people try and give up. It’s like learning an instrument, deliberate practice is the key. With instructional videos and the ability to track workouts, this will appeal to tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts. It makes it easy to set goals, like daily jumps, and then see your progress in the Hygear app. 

It’s also good for people who prefer larger, weighted handles. Personally, I’m used to lightweight plastic speed ropes. I don’t have big hands so a smaller handle gives me more control of the rope. If this product was out when I started jumping rope in May of 2020, I think I would have used it. I like to see workout data like steps, heart rate, and other metrics provided by activity trackers. If you like looking at health data, then this is definitely geared to you.

Hyrope Smart Jump Rope - Wide 2

Final thoughts

Over the past two years, I’ve become a member of many online jump rope communities. I’ve seen how people are very loyal to certain jump ropes. There are many to choose from, so it comes down to personal preference. 

That said, I’m happy to see the evolution of smart jump ropes. I know the Hyrope Smart Jump rope will appeal to some jumpers out there, especially the ones who like to track health data. It’s like taking a fitness exam every time you workout. My hope is they will come out with a speed rope version for intermediate and advanced users. I think it’s only a matter of time before that happens. 

If you want to get into the best shape of your life and love health data, then check out the Hyrope Smart Jump Rope.  

Andy Baryer
Andy Baryer aka “Handy Andy” is a technology journalist, gadget reviewer, and DIY/how-to content creator. Known as the handyman of tech, Andy enjoys fixing poor wireless networks, building smart homes, and cooking with the latest kitchen gadgets. He’s a competitive whistler, a budding woodworker, and loves gardening in his home-built smart garden.