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You should show your love for mom every day of the year, but Mother’s Day is a special day where you can go the extra mile to pamper her. Encourage her to take the day to do something she loves, whether it’s going to the spa, curling up in bed with a good book, or having brunch with friends. Treat mom to a cool gift as well. But rather than opt for something predictable, go the useful route with a practical tech gift mom will love, and will be able to use all year ‘round. Here, I have rounded up 7 practical tech gifts for mom worth considering for mom this Mother’s Day.

1.Fitness tracker or smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 8 on wrist

Whether mom is a workout buff or just likes to go for the odd walk on the local trail, she’ll love having a new fitness tracker or smartwatch. These are useful not only for helping track sports and exercise for moms who engage in those activities but also keeping on top of other vital health and wellness stats. This includes everything from 24/7 heart rate to stress levels, menstrual cycles, sleep quality and duration, even nutrition with some. Plus, she can see notifications from a connected smartphone on her wrist. Mom will love playing around with the new toy, setting goals for herself, and connecting with friends and family who have trackers or watches in the same ecosystem.

Go affordable with a simple band tracker from a brand like Fitbit or Garmin or opt for something more elaborate if you have the budget, like an Apple Watch for moms with an iPhone. Give it a week and she’ll wonder how she ever lived without it.


Kobo Clara 2E

If mom loves to read, getting her an eReader could completely change her reading habits, encouraging her to read more, and more often. Why? Because she can fit thousands of digital books in a single, thin eReader she can pop into her purse, bag, or backpack. With a waterproof model like the Kobo Clara 2E, she can even immerse herself in a good book while soaking in a bubble bath, or read by the pool or on the beach.

If you want to be extra thoughtful, set up the eReader ahead of time and load it with some of the latest books you know (or think) she is interested in reading. Or, include a gift card to the eReader’s eBook store so she can download a few titles to get started.

3.Smart speaker or display

Google Nest Hub second gen

A smart speaker or smart display can come in handy for mom in a variety of ways. She might want to use one as an amped up alarm clock on her bedroom night table so she can wake up to her favourite song, radio station, or even soothing noise. She can have the news, weather and traffic updates, and even personal calendar appointments for the day read aloud to her as she gets ready as well.

Or mom might love positioning one in the kitchen so she can queue up her favourite playlist or, with a smart display, cooking instruction video, while she prepares dinner or bakes some cookies for the school bake sale. She can also leverage one for things like measurement conversions (how many ounces are in 250 grams again?) and cooking tips (how long should you bake potatoes for in the oven?) Mom will love having this virtual kitchen assistant.

She might also use one in her home office for music, as a speakerphone for conference calls, and more. It’s a practical tech gift she can find the perfect home for, or even move around from room to room as needed.

4.True wireless earbuds

samsung galaxy buds2

Mom will appreciate a new pair of true wireless earbuds to upgrade her from the old ones she has been wearing for years. Get a set that fits her lifestyle, whether it’s a pair of active buds designed for a secure fit with sweat-resistance for workouts, a hifi pair for critical listening, or a pair with active noise cancelling technology for commuting. There are so many options available, you’re sure to find a pair mom will love that fits within your budget.

Consider what phone she has. If she has an iPhone, you might be best going with a pair of Apple AirPods while Samsung Galaxy phone owning moms would love the Galaxy Buds2. But there are plenty of third-party earbuds that work with both Apple and Android and will help mom step up her personal audio game.

5.A tablet

Tablet and iPad Buying Guide

Is mom the type who is constantly on her phone, scrolling through social media, playing mindless games, or looking up IMDB information about the actors on screen while she’s watching TV? If so, a tablet might be a good gift. She can put the phone down or let it charge for the night while she uses the tablet for her second screen experience.

She might also love a tablet for a bigger screen when she’s watching videos on the go, like on the commute to work via public transit, traveling by plane, or simply lounging in bed with her favourite streaming service and latest guilty pleasure reality show.

Creative moms will love a tablet that allows her to draw, sketch, take notes, and more. Consider a model that works with a stylus and if one doesn’t come in the box, add that to the gift, too.

6.Item tracker

Apple AirTag on bag

If you’re on a tight budget, an item tracker is a thoughtful and practical tech gift that won’t break the bank. As a mom  who uses mine all the time, I can attest to how useful they can be for forgetful moms who are constantly misplacing their keys (or phones), eyeglasses cases, or other items. Attach or affix one of these to a valuable item and you can keep track of it from an app on your phone. This includes not only when it’s within Bluetooth range but when it’s elsewhere as well. That’s thanks to the network of users, whether it’s Apple’s Find My or Tile.

Most have a reverse feature as well so you can tap the device to ring your phone if you misplace that (a feature I have used more often than I’d like to admit). You can get a single one or get a package with multiple ones so mom can place them on all her valuables, like her purse, keys, even luggage.

7.Personal blender

practical tech gifts - Woman with Nutribullet personal blender.

Mom might already have a full-sized blender for help in prepping household meals. But consider getting her a personal blender as a practical tech gift she can use just as her own. She can make single smoothies for her morning breakfast on the run, then a protein shake after her workout. At night, she can whip up a healthy dip for a late night snack (my latest obsession is kale and edamame dip!) She can make a quick batch of homemade salad dressing, too, to take with her salad to the office.

Because these blenders are smaller, they’re easy to pack away if there’s no room on the counter for it to sit permanently. She can also bring it along to the cottage or, if it’s battery powered, for the family summer camping trip. Many come with a to-go lid for the cup, complete with spout for drinking.

Go practical this year

There’s nothing wrong with practical tech gifts for mom. These might not be as glamorous nor as flashy as a piece of jewelry or a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (you can get those, too!) But it’s also guaranteed that mom will use and ejoy them. And these gifts are items mom can, and will, use all year ‘round.

Not finding what you’re looking for here? Check out plenty more Mother’s Day gifts in the Mother’s Day 2023 gift section at Best Buy Online.

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