Gaming ChairsToday we tackle the subject of gaming chairs—and particularly the topic of why these bad boys aren’t just for gaming anymore! Were they ever? In fact, these high quality chairs are simply packed with features that appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike. Read on to learn about several such features, and why they help to make gaming chairs perfect for office environments, recording studios, TV rooms, and so many more everyday spaces. The main brands we will focus on are DX Racer & Clutch Chairz, so I’ll toss in a couple of product examples to demonstrate their key features (which include superior style, unmatched support, & incredible comfort). Read on for full details! 


Suppose you were shopping for the perfect chair for a new home office. What qualities are you likely to be looking for? I would think that comfort would be pretty high up on your list, placing ergonomically designed chairs among the leading candidates for your purposes. Take, for instance, the Clutch Chairz Crank Charlie Gaming Chair – In Black & Orange. This chair offers a high backrest (with a built-in recline range between 85 & 135 degrees), a swivel-tilt mechanism (with 12 total degrees of tilt), and over-sized lumbar support & headrest cushions offering total support for any desk based task that you may have to perform while working away in your new home office. These features, along with a number of others (like 3 dimensional arm rests & the ability to raise and lower the seat) provide complete comfort as you work. One certainly doesn’t have to be a gamer to benefit from such comforts, and you’re sure to finish your day feeling much better (physically) than you might have done in a good many less well-designed or less highly-specialized office chairs.


vertagearAnother fine attribute of many of today’s top gaming chairs is their attractive & modern design. Take the Vertagear S-Line Faux Leather Gaming Chair, for instance. This chair not only has many comfort features similar to the Clutch Crank Charlie above, but it’s also very attractive and would be quite at home in practically any sophisticated environment. Think, for example, of how it might look in a sporty recording studio (for all of you podcasters & YouTube videographers out there), or how it could fit into any modern TV room as a relaxing throne on which to enjoy an exciting hockey game or an epic blockbuster film! This chair, featuring a largely black exterior (with playful pink highlights) & a sleek race car inspired design, is sure to look great under any such circumstances!


Finally, let’s return to the key concepts of comfort & support with a look at the Clutch Chairz Throttle Echo Faux Leather Gaming Chair – In Black & White. While this chair comes from the same manufacturer as the first model we looked at above, it is in fact a completely different model. Among the major highlights this time around are an extra-wide seat design, as well as cushions featuring cold-cured foam. This means that you’ll not only be cradled in the comfort of an extra spacious seat, but you’ll also enjoy the long-lasting effects of specialized foam cushions that were designed to hold their comfortable shape for as long as your session of sitting might last. This means that if you’ve got a long day of paper pushing at the office to endure, your posterior simply couldn’t be more pleased! Of course, this chair has a whole host of other things going for it as well. It’s got non-marking casters (to keep your floors clean while still providing sitting mobility), a 12 degree swivel-tilt mechanism, a heavy-duty (forged aluminum) base, 4 dimensional arm rests, and numerous other great features, which are certainly worth examining on this chair’s Best Buy product page. You’re sure to be impressed with this incredibly versatile piece!


And that’s the end of the show! If you’d like to check out a few more gaming chairs (of the Clutch Chairs & DXRacer variety) to get a better sense of just how versatile these fine furnishings can be, you may easily do so by clicking on THIS LINK. Have fun browsing, and I’ll see you in my next blog!

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