debra-wearable-tech-tomtom.jpgHey gang, Deb Deb here, blogging about the TomTom – the TomTom Golfer GPS Watch, that is! Also, super sorry I just called myself Deb Deb. I will NEVER do that again.

Let me start this technological adventure by saying: FATHER’S DAY IS SOLVED! If you’re anything like me (a human or something resembling a human) you never know what to get people for gifts. And my dad was always the worst to buy for. For years I bought my father a different scented Aqua Velva for Christmas. Like, six or seven years. Poor man. But not this year. This year my dad is getting the TomTom! (Please don’t tell him if you see him and dad, if you’re reading this, please act surprised).aqua.JPG

Know this: I am not a golfer. I wouldn’t even hook up with Tiger Woods—that’s how un-golfy I am! But I can tell you with certainty that the TomTom Golfer makes you better at golf.  WAIT!?! WHAT!?? Am I allowed to make such statements?! Um … yes. Yes I am, according to me.

The TomTom Golfer GPS watch is the SH*T, if you enjoy the gentlemen’s game (it’s golf, btw, NOT shirtless wrestling) because it gives you the upper hand in a game so stressful grown men have temper tantrums. It’s easy to use, easy to wear and cute as buttons! The only thing is doesn’t do is carry your clubs! But that’s OK—some people just use their daughter all summer long for free because she’s “a little high-strung” and “needs to build character” and “talks too much about her family.”

 Debra Happy Gilmore Photo.jpg

I read the operations manual, which is a substantial little booklet, but quickly realized that it’s two tiny pages of instruction in every language known to man. You see? There’s not a golfer in the milky-way that won’t want this! (Alien cousin? Check Mark!)

Here’s what the TomTom does after you hook it up to the awesome app:

Green distances: The TomTom Golfer displays the precise yardages to front, center and back of green, so you know exactly what kind of shot you need. (Take that green distances, we’re onto you!)

Green View: This display allows you to view unique green and hazard graphics before your shot. (This sounds like cheating, but if you’re ok with it, so am I).


Hazards:  The TomTom sees distances to individual hazards along the fairway. (Why are there so many hazards whilst playing golf? I had no idea it’s such a dangerous, badboy, sexy game! Does Colin Farrell golf?)

Round Tracking: Keep track of the score, distance, and time for your round. (This seems like a lot of information. Too much info, really. Golf has it’s own life and it’s own friends. What are you, golf’s mother?)

Daily Updates: receive course updates wirelessly on your phone. (Now you’ll be the first to know when that one golf course looks fat. Thank goodness!)

And, the TomTom Golfer GPS watch is waterproof! So now you can hit your ball in the water all you want!! Which is apparently a bad thing to do in golf—but who doesn’t love a day at the beach? (Hint: wear your swimsuit under your clothes, instead of underwear. It saves time and laundry.)

There you have it. Golf has been dominated. Maybe I’ll even start to play. I do like plaid pants!! Does Colin Farrell caddy?

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