“On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me … a Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player with Remote.” Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Is that not how the song goes? Well, maybe it should, because the Roku Ultra is a fantastic gift for any mediaphile to find under the tree this year.

What is the Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player?

rokuStreaming media players are a somewhat common addition to home theatre set-ups these days, and for good reason. In an age where the vast majority want access to media at the push or click of a button, streaming media players step up to the plate by connecting our TVs to the Internet so we can stream thousands of movies, TV shows, and songs from a variety of online sources, like Netflix and YouTube.

A couple of things make the Roku Ultra different from other streaming media players, however, including the fact that it can stream ultra high definition (UHD or 4K) content to your TV. 4K Ultra HD delivers brilliant picture quality that almost immerses you in whatever it is you are viewing. The images are crisp, detailed and sometimes seem to almost jump right off the screen into your home. So, if you have a 4K Ultra HD capable TV, the Roku Ultra will bring your streamed 4K and UHD content to life.


The Roku Ultra Remote makes streaming a breeze

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-7-04-02-pmFor me, the Roku Ultra’s remote is really what makes the system even more awesome than its ability to stream 4K content. The remote itself features a handful of buttons that make navigation ridiculously simply, including buttons that link you directly to Netflix, Spotify and Google Play. Unlike other media streaming devices, like the one I have at home that makes me click about 18 times before I am able to access Netflix, Roku Ultra makes the life of a mediaphile much more convenient, and content much more accessible.

rokuappThe remote also features motion sensors and a built-in microphone that allows you to use voice search to make finding your favourite shows easier than you could possibly imagine. Add to that the fact that the remote comes equipped with a headphone jack that gives you the ability to listen to your stream privately, and it is definitely a cut above any other media streaming remotes I’ve seen out there.

You can also control the Roku Ultra via your smartphone or tablet once you’ve downloaded the free Roku app, Play On Roku, so if you misplace your remote (like many of us often do), or simply like the convenience of using your smart tech to control your TV, you are good to go.

‘Tis the season for giving, so if you have a mediaphile on your list who happens to have a 4K capable TV, look no further than the Roku Ultra. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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