It’s almost time to file your taxes again. If you feel stressed at the thought, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of organization, paperwork, and shuffling you need to get everything ready to go. It can be a lot of work, but thankfully the actual process of filing is easier than ever. You can NETFILE taxes using tax software, and it’s all online and simple to process.

Prepare for tax season by using accounting software

One of the best ways to prepare for tax season is to use accounting software during the year. Whether you’re filing as an individual or you have a small business, accounting software keeps you up to date on all of your receipts daily, weekly, or monthly, and makes it even easier to use tax software at tax time. Most accounting software will import directly into your tax software, so instead of spending a few hours uploading your content, it’s a matter of importing and hitting submit.

If you’d like tips for completing your taxes, take a look at this article.

The best reasons to file your taxes online

You can track and organize all of your records

Most people do all of their banking online. That’s because it’s simple to log in and search for an item you’ve bought or download activity statements from your bank. Now you can do the same with your taxes.

If you use TurboTax or UFile you’ll have a permanent electronic record of your tax submission. You can upload your T4s or receipts to have an electronic copy. Even if it’s years later, it’s easy to just open up the software and find exactly what you need.

GST/HST NETFILE is stress-free

Turbotax 2019If you own a business or you’re required to file a GST return, you know you need to collect even more paperwork at tax time. One of the best parts of filing online and tax software is that you can use them to GST/HST NETFILE too.

NETFILE is accurate

Turbo Tax

Did I make a mistake? When you file your taxes, that’s a pretty common question. With a paper packet to file your taxes or even someone who does it in person, there’s always the risk of making an error.

What I love about tax software is how it walks you through the tax process and alerts you to any potential issues along the way. If the software thinks you’ve made an error, it lets you know before you move to the next step. You can fix any errors before you’re about to file your taxes.

You can file your taxes faster using NETFILE

How much time have you spent filing your taxes? It’s not a great feeling knowing you could spend the better part of your weekend sifting through papers and receipts. Taking advantage of NETFILE with tax software is like hitting the gas pedal on your tax return. Every part of the process is faster. When you use tax software you won’t have to search for answers to questions either, because it will provide you with an answer as you go through the steps.

NETFILE gives you larger and faster refunds

The best reason for using NETFILE via tax software for your Canadian tax return? Tax software like TurboTax will process your refund faster and ensure you get the largest refund possible. When you NETFILE CRA with your tax return, they receive it immediately. There’s no delay as you send off your taxes and wait for a cheque in the mail.

Because it’s all online and you can choose direct deposit, you could have your refund in your bank account much faster than if you filed any other way. Thanks to the accuracy of the software and how it gives you tax tips to maximize your refund, you’ll also receive the largest refund possible.

It’s easy to file your taxes online

Tax time doesn’t have to mean it’s time to stress. NETFILE-friendly software is definitely the way to take the pain out of filing taxes and get that refund in your bank account fast. You can find tax software to speed up your tax refund at Best Buy right now.

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