Have you got a PC gamer on your gift shopping list this year? Well fear not. Today we’ll take a look at a selection of gifts ideas that are perfect for PC gamers to help you jumpstart your holiday shopping.


We’ll start out look by checking out some PC gaming staples. PC gamers love having high performance mice and speakers and there are some great options to choose from here. If they’re really into MOBA or MMO games then something like the Razer Naga Hex or the Logitech G600 gaming mice would be perfect. These mice feature high performance for gamers with solid DPI and responsiveness for ultimate accuracy, but go the extra mile with the addition of many thumb buttons which can make quick access to vital gaming key bindings a breeze. With games where fast reactions and complicated controls are key, then these mice help gamers take it up a notch. Even if they have the perfect gaming mouse already, you could get them a great gaming mouse pad to improve their comfort and performance even further.


Keyboards are also a great option and make for an ideal gift, since they are something many people often neglect to upgrade for years. I would personally recommend a good mechanical keyboard like the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard or perhaps the Logitech G910 Orion Spark. The Razer model has good performance and looks fantastic (if you like green). The Logitech option has fully customizable colors and is very portable, so if you know a gamer who is mobile or heads to LAN parties and tournaments, then this model is just what they need.


A lot of PC gamers could also use a solid gaming headset. These are good for voice communication but also help them game without blasting noise from their PC speakers. This is even better for gamers with roommates or in any sort of shared living situation so that they can enjoy high volume gaming without disturbing anybody. There are a few good options here like the budget friendly Turtle Beach Ear Force XL1 and Razer Carcharias, or you could go for one of the higher-end models like the Razer Kraken Pro over ear headset.


Another good PC gaming accessory is the Xbox One controller. With this PC gamers can enjoy great controls on their PC or even use it on their Xbox One if they have one. If they have Windows 10 they can actually play their Xbox One games from their Windows PC with one of these too. You can even get different versions with distinctive looks like the Lunar White edition for example.

And More

It doesn’t stop there, with a wide array of joysticks, steering wheels and other PC upgrades like RAM and hard drives to pick from. You could even get creative and get them something like this Thermaltake Water 2.0 liquid cooling kit to help them take their gaming PC rig to the next level. Really, no matter what your budget or what sort of PC gamer you’re shopping for, there are loads of great gift options to pick from.

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