washer dryer set new tech mainHome appliances are forever changing and evolving with the invention of new technologies. Choosing new washer dryer sets are not just about aesthetics and high efficiency anymore. They have so much to offer options and features wise now as well. We have new technology to thank for steam functions and Wi-Fi capabilities that allow the use of apps and connection to your smart home set-up.

Washers dryer sets with built-in Wi-Fi

LG washerd ryer set with Wi-FiTo get the most out of washer dryer sets and have more washing options for specific items of clothing, you may want to consider a washer and dryer with built-in Wi-Fi. Miele has some great options with Wi-Fi and will come with a compatible downloadable app that provides you with plenty of washing and drying features and options.

If putting on a load of laundry and then forgetting about it is something you often do, then an app that alerts you when your laundry is finished would be an amazing option. I know there’s been plenty of times I’ve forgotten about the laundry and had to rewash a load that sat too long and it now smells musty. I always feel guilty for the waste of water, so I’d love a reminder that came right to my phone. You can also remotely start or stop a load, download new cycles specifically designed for certain fabrics and be alerted when or if your machine needs a service.

Smart washer and dryer features

Miele washer dryer smartEnergy efficiency in home appliances has become a standard feature but there are other options to consider when wanting to take efficiency to the next level. Built-in Wi-Fi makes your washer and dryers smart, and if compatible, will link with your current smart home set-up. With this feature, you’ll have many more options when washing and drying.

One of the features you may find in a smart dryer is a drying sensor that will end the cycle once the items inside are dry. This saves energy and over-use of the dryer which in turn saves you money. You don’t have to worry about over running your dryer, wasting electricity and putting more wear and tear on your clothing. A smart washing machine will maximize water usage and only use the right amount required for your load, but if you’re often washing over sized loads, look for one with an option to over-fill for a good soak and thorough wash.

Washer dryer sets with steam

Washer dryer with steamThe power of steam has great benefits in both a washer and dryer and has become quite a popular feature to help get the best clean for your washables. In a washer, the steam function will help to eliminate stubborn stains and give your clothing, bedding and more a deep clean. In a dryer, the steam function eliminates wrinkles, is a great sanitizer and common allergen reducer.

There are so many options and features to choose from when purchasing a new washer and dryer set. On top of all the great perks and features you’ll want to think about the colour, size and style that will suit your home or laundry room. With the new advances in laundry tech, you may want to write a must-haves and a pro’s and cons list before making a final choice.

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