KitchenAid stand mixer with spiralizer attachment

What do you look for in a small appliance for your kitchen? The lowest price? The biggest capacity? The latest bells and whistles?

Those are all great qualities, but do you ever look for the one that will make your experience in the kitchen more efficient? We all have to spend time in the kitchen, so let’s make the most of it! Here are 5 things to look for in your next small appliances that can help you achieve a more efficient kitchen.

1.Energy efficient small appliances

An electric kettle from Cuisinart.

The easiest way to make your kitchen more efficient is to replace your appliances with ones that use less energy. It saves you money and the planet’s resources. You can start by looking for products that have the Energy Star logo, or have energy-saving features like auto-off timers.

One easy example is replacing a stovetop kettle with an electric one. Electric kettles are typically more energy (and time) efficient than heating up the stove top.

You should also consider the age of some of your long-standing appliances. Modern appliances use way less energy than older models. If you’ve been hanging onto that ancient, yellowing toaster, you might want to upgrade to something newer and more efficient.

2.Cordless small appliances

a cordless hand mixer next to its removable charging cable

Kitchen efficiency isn’t just about reducing your electric bill. You also want to be more efficient with the time and effort you put into your culinary projects. A great way to make your kitchen run more smoothly is by picking up cordless appliances.

When you switch to cordless, there’s no more wasting time searching for a free outlet, or unplugging and replugging things to get the right spot. A good example is a cordless hand mixer. You can start mixing batter anywhere you like, and can easily move around if you need a bit more space.

3.Small appliances that are easy to clean

an indoor grill/sandwich press with all the removable, washable parts laid out

If you’re like me, you want to spend as little time cleaning as possible. But cooking is messy and will almost always leave your kitchen needing some TLC. That’s why easy-to-clean appliances can make your kitchen time more efficient.

Look for appliances with fewer grooves and buttons so that you can simply wipe them instead of digging into nooks and crannies. And if the appliance has removable parts or attachments, like the plates in an indoor grill or sandwich maker, make sure they’re dishwasher safe. Then you can just load them up with your other dishes, give your surfaces a wipe, and you’re already done!

4.Multi-use small appliances

A KitchenAid stand mixer cutting fresh pasta with a pasta maker attachment

We all love a fun, niche kitchen gadget, but having a different appliance for everything can make your kitchen pretty inefficient. You want appliances that you can use daily, and not collect dust in a cupboard most of the year. That’s why you should look for multi-use appliances for your most efficient kitchen.

A great idea is a KitchenAid stand mixer. Not only can they handle all of your regular mixing, but you can get stand mixer attachments that replace pasta makers, meat grinders, spiralizers, and more! Save kitchen space, time, and energy by combining your tasks into a single, multi-use appliance.

5.Smart small appliances

image of a smart Instant Pot next to a mobile phone

That’s right, smart technology is coming to your small appliances!

Some appliance brands like Instant Pot have models you can control remotely from a mobile app. That means you can start cooking, monitor the progress, and/or adjust the temperature from anywhere. You could get dinner started while you’re still on the way home, or lower the temperature to keep the food warm if you’re running late.

This type of built-in smart tech could be the key ingredient for your most efficient kitchen ever.

Be a kitchen efficiency wizard

image of a kitchen with many small appliances

We all eat, so we all have to spend some time in the kitchen. You can make sure you spend it wisely by choosing small appliances that make efficient use of your energy, space, time, and effort.

You can get started by checking out the small appliances on to look for features that will make the biggest difference in your kitchen. You’ll be a kitchen efficiency wizard in no time!

Maria Ganger
As a card-carrying 90’s kid, I’m a lifelong tech enthusiast and Pokémon fan. I’m also on the eCommerce team at Best Buy Canada. I love shopping and hunting down the perfect product, whether it’s tech, fashion, cookware, or beyond. When I’m not blogging, you can find me listening to true crime podcasts, relaxing with my Switch, or kicking butt at the kickboxing gym.