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The main reason people have trouble committing to Health & Fitness is time. The trick then is creating a workout environment at home to save time. Exercise quickly every morning and make it a habit. If you have space for a dedicated gym or not, there are a number of different pieces of fitness equipment that you can use for Strength Training at home. 

Home Gym Equipment

If you have an extra room, garage, or basement, Home Gym Equipment creates a gym in any space. The equipment you choose depends on your preferred training style and fitness goals. Home Gyms are super convenient. No commute to the gym and back increases the chances of exercising becoming a habit. On top of that, it is cost-effective. Instead of monthly fees, invest in home equipment. It requires no membership fee, just show up. 

Finally, a home gym is a good choice for people looking for privacy. You don’t have to worry about being watched or judged. It provides time with yourself, as you embark on a new health and fitness journey. Customize workouts at home to suit to own needs and preferences. Let’s look at some equipment ideas and the type of workouts they do.   

Home gym workout

All-in-One Home Gym

Most people will want an All-in-One Home Gym. This helps you work out every muscle group from one versatile machine. Change exercise and resistance levels quickly between sets or workouts. For example, use chest workouts then back the following day, and legs the next. All-in-One Home gyms are made with steel construction to offer long-term durability. If you have the space consider getting a single piece of equipment for the ultimate home gym experience.   

Workout bench

Weight benches

The most used equipment in gyms is Weight Benches. That’s why it’s one of the first pieces of equipment people buy for home gyms. A weight bench is a piece of equipment that is used to support the body during strength training exercises. It consists of a flat surface with a backrest. Many home gym models feature additional features such as adjustable incline and decline. Leg press attachments and built-in weight racks are also common features of weight benches. 

One of the main benefits of a weight bench is exercise versatility. It can be used for a wide range of strength training exercises including bench press, chest press, shoulder press, row, and tricep dips. Weight benches are very safe to use. It can help perform form and reduce the risk of injury during strength training exercises at home. Its main purpose is to provide a stable surface to support your body. Not to mention it is more comfortable than performing exercises on the floor, particularly if you have pre-existing back or joint issues.

It’s worth noting that a weight bench is not essential for home strength training at home. There are many exercises that can be done without one. However, for those who are interested in adding strength training to home workouts, a weight bench is a useful and versatile piece of home gym equipment. 

Dumbbells and weights

Dumbbells are a type of weight training equipment that consists of a pair of handheld weights. They are a great investment for home gyms because they are relatively inexpensive and can be used to perform a wide variety of strength training exercises. They come in different weight sizes—anywhere from 2.5lb to 100lb. Dumbbells are highly versatile. They can target multiple muscle groups through multiple types of exercises. Some popular exercises with dumbbells are bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder presses, and squats.

While most gyms carry a wide variety of dumbbell weight sizes, they tend to take up a lot of space. Home gyms benefit from a select number of dumbbells. A good tip is to start by purchasing the level of resistance you’ll use the most. For example, select a weight where you can perform a set of 10 reps of a dumbbell bicep curl. This same weight will also work well for shoulder presses, back rows, and chest presses.

The latest trend for home gyms is an adjustable dumbbell. They are a single pair of dumbbells that can easily be adjusted to different weights. Adjustable dumbbells feature a dial system to change the weight of the dumbbell from 5lb up to 52.5lb. This is a great choice for people who prefer progressive overload training. This is a popular training style where you slowly increase the weight. Slowly add additional weight to the dumbbells to increase strength. Plus, with adjustable dumbbells, you get a variety of dumbbell weights in a single pair. 

Pull up bar

Push-up and Chin-up bars

Everyone should incorporate body weight in their home strength training program. Push-up and Chin-up Bars provide a variety of push-and-pull exercises in a home gym. Push-up bars provide comfortable handles that can be adjusted in different positions. This provides a lot of variety and options for push-up exercises. This keeps your workouts fresh and interesting. 

Chin-up bars for the home typically mount above a door frame. Others can be wedged securely in a door frame. Larger home gyms can also purchase a free-standing pull-up station. It allows you to perform multiple pull exercises such as pull-ups and chin-ups. Most can be removed from door frames and stored in seconds. 

Home gym

Making strength training at home a habit

As we age, it’s important to build and maintain skeletal muscle. Strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders and powerlifters. We all need to add resistance training into our lives—men and women. Having strength training equipment at home reduces the friction to working out. It’s a good choice for busy people or others who work from home. By making strength training a habit, you’re investing in your future health and well-being.

Imagine being over 80 and still able to lift your carry-on into the storage compartment in an airplane. With regular strength training at home, anyone can preserve their muscle mass to improve longevity. Read this Fitness equipment buying guide to start your home gym setup.

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