Philips Hue Lightstrips room - tech gifts under $100

The best tech gifts don’t have to be expensive. If you’re looking for something really cool to give a friend or family member this year, then look no further than these tech gifts under $100! These tech accessories are the perfect way to spoil someone who already has it all—and they’re not nearly as risky of a purchase as something like a new computer or stereo system.

Tech gifts for students

While I was looking for the coolest gifts to feature in this post, two products really popped out to me as gifts that a student could get a lot of use out of.

Victrola bluetoothThe first is a suitcase Victrola. In my last holiday tech gift guide, I featured a selfie-ready light-up phone case. But, while selfie culture is absolutely still around (we’re all guilty of it; don’t even give me that look), I think that many are left looking for some comfortable nostalgia as the decade turns over. As Instagram gets rid of its “likes” and instant photography begins to favour the physical yet again, younger generations are embracing record players with enthusiasm. This one is a nice mix of old and new: you can attach it to external speakers using an aux-in cable, or sync your records with a wireless speaker via Bluetooth.

The second are the Skullcandy Sesh In-Ear Sound Isolating Truly Wireless Headphones, which offer a sleeker alternative to students’ typical over-ear headphones. They make it easy to hear your music (or audio notes!) without cranking the volume up, so they’re perfect for use in a study hall or on a bus. Another great thing about sound isolating truly wireless headphones is their tiny size and light weight. Even in their case, they’re much smaller and easier to carry around throughout the day.

Gifts for smart home lovers

Samsung Qi chargerI love gifts and gadgets that make my life feel more futuristic, and the Samsung Qi Wireless Fast Charger Stand totally fits the bill. Its sleek, black, circular design looks great in any room, and it doubles as a charging pad and display stand. 

The LED on the charging stand indicates charging status, and it works to fast-charge all Qi-compatible devices.

Other “smart” gifts for the home that I love include Philips Hue lights—in white and colour. I’m crazy about being able to turn my lights on and off using my phone, which helps me get a great night’s sleep in the winter. There’s no fumbling for your lamp switch (or making the mad run from your warm sheets to the light switch across the room), and it’s incredibly handy to be able to dim my lights without having to install hard-wired dimmer switches around my entire house.

Philips Hue LightstripsIf you have someone in your life who you already know has a Philips Hue Bridge set up, a few more lightbulbs can’t hurt. My partner and I particularly love our Philips Hue Lightstrips: they add a little bit of magic to our space. While they’re lovely tucked underneath furniture, I think they really excel when just peeking through—around the back edges of a console table, or illuminating the inside of a hollowed-out space.

And the best part? Like the rest of the tech gifts under $100 featured here, Philips Hue lights last for longer than just the holidays. So, while they can certainly give you a fun green-and-red theme for the winter, they can go right back to warm yellows or funky blues by New Year’s Eve!

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