samsung smart monitor M5, M7, M8 reviewThe new line of Samsung Smart Monitors blurs the lines between televisions and monitors. Connect one of these monitors to the internet and instantly you can do many things, before you even connect a computer or other device to it. In that sense the monitor is “smarter” than your average monitor. Great for productivity and for pure play. Read on to learn why you might want to upgrade your monitor with a new Samsung, then enter for a chance to win either the new Samsung M5 smart monitor or the Samsung M7 smart monitor.

How smart is your computer monitor

The word “smart” gets thrown around a lot these days whenever people are talking about tech. Sometimes it means it connects to the internet, so you can access features via an app. Smart lights are examples of this. At some point in the future, “smart” devices will uniformly predict when and how you want to use them and behave appropriately without your intervention. Samsung smart monitors fall somewhere between these two.

The Samsung M5 and M7 monitors we are giving away in this contest offer a better experience that most monitors. My daughter recently bought a monitor and I offered to send her a Roku streaming stick so she could watch movies on it in her apartment. However, the monitor didn’t have internal speakers so she could watch movies but couldn’t hear them. The Samsung M5 and M7 do have speakers. However, they have a lot more than that.

Access entertainment and much more on Samsung smart monitors

It’s not hard to see why smart monitors are becoming so popular. Read the review of these monitors by Shelly Wutke on the blog and you’ll understand the attraction immediately. You can access content on the internet just using the monitor: without even attaching a computer. In this sense, it behaves like a television. It’s self contained with the Samsung operating system and its own remote control. Quickly and easily go from work mode to play mode, from typing an article to catching up on the new season of “Stranger Things.” Of course, it’s especially useful for students in a small apartment or a dorm room where you wouldn’t want to have a TV and a monitor. A monitor that doubles as a television is ideal.

But it also serves as an excellent monitor to get work done. The M5 is an amazing 27″ Full HD monitor and the M7 a spacious 32″ 4K UHD monitor. Both feature enhanced features for brilliant gaming when the work is done. And, as I mentioned, both are smart, bridging the gap between monitor and television making this an all in one productivity and entertainment centre.

Amazingly, Best Buy and Samsung are giving away both of these monitors in this contest.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different way.

  1. In a comment below, tell us which of these two prizes that we are giving away would be the best for a student and explain why.
  2. Visit the product page for the Samsung M7 Monitor and find at least one feature listed in the “More information” section that isn’t mentioned in this article and that you would find useful. Discuss that feature in an email to using the subject line, “Samsung Smart Monitors.” Do not mention that feature in a comment below.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select two (2) eligible entries to receive either the Samsung M5 smart monitor or the Samsung M7 smart monitor that Shelly reviewed on the blog.

This contest runs from June 21st to July 5th.

Remember you can enter once in a comment below and once via email. You would also be smart to share this contest with friends and family so they too have an opportunity to win great prizes from Best Buy.

Win a Samsung M5 or M7 Smart Monitor Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.


  1. I think the M7 would be better for a student because of the larger size it would be a better tv experience.

  2. Samsung M7 32″is the best choice for a student because to get away from book work it would be nice to just game, which is now also a career choice!
    A HDMI port for plugging in your gaming PC or laptop, gaming console, and other compatible devices makes this possible!

  3. two in one, tv and monitor, great for students on a budget, plus the size is great when working into the night on those big assignments.

  4. The Samsung M7 would be best for a student because it doubles as a workstation as well as a Smart TV. This would save the student space.

  5. The M5 will be more practical and afordable for a student, but as for me as a teacher, I want the M7 and deserve it.

  6. I think the M7 would be better for a student, with its higher resolution giving more space on the screen to have multiple windows open.

  7. The M7 Smart Monitor would be great for a student because of its Workmode feature – it’s able to connect via remote control to a computer so that a student can work on their homework and projects!

  8. Both would work for a student. However, a larger monitor, like the M7 would be more desirable for a student that needs to have a browser with research open and a word processing ap open at the same time. So my answer is M7.

  9. The Samsung M5 smart monitor would be the best for a student because they are probably working with a limited amount of workspace

  10. Both are definitely good, but if I were to pick one for a student, it would be the M7. It’s a bit bigger and takes up more space, sure, but as someone who wears glasses and has difficulty seeing smaller details at times, it’s nice having bigger screens. I remember having to lean towards small classroom monitors back when I was in school, I wish something like the M7 was available to me.

    Bonus: Students can take breaks from assignments to enjoy watching clips/shows on a larger screen!

  11. Both would be great for a student, the m5 might be better for some due to the smaller size and limited space for many students, however, for folks like me with visual impairments, the M7 would probably be a better fit for the larger size. Both are amazing products and it’s great to see quality monitor/tv options.

  12. I think the Smart Monitor M5 would be best for a student because it is more compact, and would be more versatile in a smaller space.

  13. These are both great monitors & perfect for students (& their parents!!). The M5 is a bit smaller so would be ideal for a small area such as a Dorm room. Another AWESOME feature is the ability to use as a TV!!! How great is that.. 2-in-1 .. that is definitely perfect for a student!!!

  14. The Samsung M7 would be great for a student who uses Excel because you have enormous screen real estate to see many columns and rows

  15. M7 is the ideal candidate for a student. It is a good size with 4K and can double up as a TV or computer monitor.
    No need to have two items if this alone can work as two.

  16. Of course the Samsung M5 Smart monitor is smaller than the M7 but of them would be useful for students with all their great and innovative features.

  17. The M7 doubles as a workstation and Smart TV which has a lots of great features for students who require to work and can perform leisurely activities such as gaming, or even watching TV. The adaptive feature is great because it adjusts the brightness based on the environment which will provide as support for those late nights working projects. As well as the workmode feature and the slimfit camera thats used for video chatting. Both are great monitors but the M7 is the easy pick for an all in one if it can be afforded!

  18. M5 would be ideal as an everyday computer monitor. But M7 would be perfect if it’s being used beyond just a computer monitor

  19. Workes with Roku useful for students in a dorm room where you wouldn’t want to have a TV and a monitor.

  20. To save space and money the Samsung M7 would be best. It would work as a workstation and Smart TV

  21. The Samsung M7 would be better because it doubles as a workstation as well as a Smart TV so the student would be saving space and money.

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