January is a great month to reassess the tech in your home. Technology makes life better. What tech are you looking for? My wife says we have too much tech in our home, but I don’t agree. I believe we have barely scratched the surface of the tech our home should have. Tech is personal. Some of you are probably thinking, “a 3 monitor display for gaming is just what my home needs!” Enter this contest and you may win that coveted 3 monitor system since the prize is not one, not two, but three ASUS VZ27VQ Gaming Monitors.

What new tech are you craving

Our blog is a great place to start looking for the latest technology. This month we learn about many of the new products that will be coming to stores over the next year via the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018). On the Best Buy blog we have written articles about many of the new things that were announced that we think may arrive in stores this year. There will be new televisions, new smart home cameras, new computers, and much more.

If you are a gamer, you will find review articles on the blog about the latest video games, and descriptive articles about specific components you might need to build a gaming PC. Also you will find many articles about monitors, including the recent one we did about how to set up a 3 monitor gaming display.

3 monitor are better than one, as Steven Hill points out in his article. Even better when the monitors are as amazing as these from ASUS. They have a thin bezel, so your view is almost uninterrupted. They are also curved for a great wraparound experience. I love the scene in the video review (shown in his review article) where he is gaming on that huge display surface. I clipped out an image, but go to the article to see the full review.

ASUS monitor for gaming

So now you are probably thinking, “this would be perfect for my home!”, and you are wondering how to enter. It’s easy … here are the details.


As I said, it’s easy to enter. But you can only enter once. First look around your home and assess your 2018 tech needs. Next, in a comment at the bottom of this article, tell us what new tech your home needs in 2018. Perhaps it’s a new TV or maybe a Google Home for voice activation convenience. Be as specific as you want.


At the end of the contest we will draw one winner from all eligible entries to win all 3 ASUS monitors that Steven Hill reviewed in his article.

This contest runs from January 15th to 29th.

Remember you can only enter once. I suggest you tell many friends and family to enter too; if they win you know where to go for 3 monitor gaming!

Good Luck.

Win 3 ASUS Monitors Contest Rules and Regulations


  1. I’m in sore need of a new sound setup. Some big speakers and subwoofers to really feel the games and movies would be fantastic.

  2. First of all, all four of our computer monitors in our house are dying! Also, our two tvs are getting “snowy”. Why? Because we haven’t purchased any new TVs or monitors in over a decade!

  3. Our home needs a Nest Hello Wi-Fi video doorbell so that we can see who at our house and we don’t need to be home to see this. Plus it can send me notifications

  4. Gaming consul would be nice…not sure which one I want yet, still looking at all the options out there (Adn of course , once you figure out what you want, the next generation comes out)

  5. Desperately seeking a brand new shiny PC in 2018! my old computer is not well…sputters, full of nasty error messages and slow as molasses!

  6. My husband is a gamer so the 3 monitors would get me major brownie points. We also need a new tv as we recently purchased our first home and have WAY more room now!

  7. Dear Bestbuy,

    We just moved in our new beautiful condo. We have almost everything we need thanks to you.
    Would consider adding a google home, could be useful for the family.
    Now the problem I am having is that beautiful loving wife has stashed away my PS4 in a room all by its lonely self and does not have a monitor to keep it company 🙁
    While my wife lays on our comfy couch and enjoys our wonderful 4K to watch her soaps!
    Have mercy on me !

    Anyway happy wife, happy life.


  8. I really need a new laptop and a monitor. The ASUS 15.6″ ROG GL553VD-Q72S-CB Intel i7-7700HQ GTX 1050 16GB RAM 1TB HDD 256G SSD Gaming Latop would be nice with a 24″ monitor.

  9. My wife needs a computer that runs something newer than Vista, that can run 3D games decently so that she can mess with the kids 🙂

  10. My tech needs for 2018 are a nice speaker setup for my TV and a couple monitors for multi-tasking 😉

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