You may think that one computer monitor is much like any other but you would be wrong. Monitors come in different sizes, different styles with different abilities and uses. Enter this contest and you may discover just how great a monitor can be: the prize is a BenQ Zowie Gaming Monitor that is very light, and is designed to handle the faced paced demands of today’s video games. It’s perfect for the student heading back to school, or any home where the computer does more than just spreadsheets.

What makes a monitor great

We are long past the days where the computer monitor occupied a major portion of your computer desk, and was a pain to move because of its weight and awkwardness. Monitors in 2017 keep getting thinner, lighter and brighter so you can work and play without getting eye strain, move them without getting a hernia, and place them on almost any table or desk and they don’t get in the way.

The prize for this contest is a great example of what I’m talking about. The BenQ monitor has the features that anyone would covet in a monitor. The bonus comes if you are into video games, and especially eSports, since this monitor is designed to refresh very quickly so that your focus remains on the game, not on the flickering screen.

BenQ Zowie Console Gaming Monitor Features

We recently sent this monitor to independent blogger Chris Loblaw for an unbiased review. Read the full review yourself, but here are some features that he called out as especially useful:

  • easy setup: great for everyone who upgrades their monitor
  • light and portable: great for taking to eSports turnaments
  • fast refresh rate of 1ms is faster than most televisions
  • black eQualizer setting: allows you to enhance the blacks with dulling the whole scene
  • low blue light: drastically reduces eye-strain
  • flicker free: flicker too can cause eye-strain
  • non-reflective frame: another feature meant to enhance the gaming experience

Right now you may be thinking, “how can I get one of these?” There are two ways: you can just go online and purchase one from Best Buy (that’s the easiest way); you can also enter this contest. Even you don’t need a new monitor yourself, you probably know a student who’ll be going back to school in the fall who would love to get a BenQ gaming monitor.


You can enter only once. In a comment below, tell us which feature of the BenQ gaming monitor mentioned above is your favourite and why.


One person’s comment will be selected from all eligible comments on the blog. That winner will receive a BenQ Zowie 24 inch console gaming monitor.

The contest runs from July 25th until August 8th.

You can only enter once but you can tell as many friends and family as you want to increase the likelihood that someone you know wins this great monitor.

Also, subscribe to the blog so you can get email notifications when new posts and new contests get added to the blog: you will never miss out on another contest!

Good luck.

Win a BenQ Gaming Monitor Rules and Regulations

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Martin Renaud
Editor in Chief
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  1. This would make me the envy of all of my gaming nephews and my mega gaming brother in law!
    Order some pizza – game on! And the low blue light would be way easier on the eyes at night.

  2. – low blue light: drastically reduces eye-strain
    I think this feature is great since I work as an animator, being on the screen 8 hours plus a day. Would help ease my
    eyes when i get my gaming on at home with this amazing looking monitor.

  3. low blue light: drastically reduces eye-strain
    flicker free: flicker too can cause eye-strain

    already wear glasses and spend too much time infront of a screen, so every little bit helps.

  4. That low blue light and flicker free sound amazing, my poor strained eyes would be saved. You can’t beat that fast refresh though, sounds perf for FPS.

  5. My favourite feature is the 1920 x 1080 HD resolution because I love watching Netflix in clear picture and gaming on my computer!!

  6. fast refresh rate of 1ms is faster than most televisions would be really useful for my gaming! Thank you!!!

  7. easy setup: great for everyone who upgrades their monitor , all the features are great though

  8. Low blue light is my favourite feature because I stare at monitors all day long and it would be great to help reduce eye strain

  9. Low blue light, because I use my monitor up to bedtime, and that would get me to sleep faster.

  10. My two young ones need a larger viewing area so no squinting. Excellent for them…. Would love to try out this product with them. XOXO Peace Out !!!

  11. Although all of the features are great, I’d have to say my favorite is the low blue light! My fiance does computer gaming and in his spare time he could spend at least 8 hours playing which gives him migraines occasionally. He would probably say that the fast refresh rate is the best feature because every second counts when in the heat of the battle! What a great gift this would be for his gaming experience AND possibly reducing his migraines!

  12. I’d love the easy setup and I’m in need of a monitor upgrade right now since mine blacks out every so often.

  13. i think i would appreciate the fast refresh rate the most because it makes gaming so much more efficient!

  14. I love everything about it.. but my fave is the fast refresh rate of 1ms.. I am a gamer and this is AMAZING!

  15. i love the fact that it is light and portable. the description says its best. no need to carry extra weight around with everything else that we need to bring along with us.

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