A refurbished laptop is one of the best ways to increase productivity. It’s also the perfect spot to store your files, photos, and other content you create. Once you’ve narrowed down your pick of laptops and you’re ready to choose, your next task is to find the best way to keep your files and personal information safe. That protection is already in place when you purchase certain models of refurbished laptops at Best Buy. Depending on which device you choose, you’ll enjoy a pre-installed 90-day trial of McAfee+ Premium online protection software.

Protect you and your laptop with McAfee+ Premium antivirus

Enjoying the free 90-day trial of McAfee+ Premium all-in-one antivirus software is easy. If you purchase an eligible refurbished laptop, you won’t have to download or install software as the trial will already be pre-installed on your device. The 90-day trials starts once you have completed setting up Windows. You will know Windows set up is complete when you see your desktop. To have access to all of McAfee’s features make sure you accept McAfee’s EULA.

Once your free 90-day trial is over, you can decide if you’d like to renew or upgrade your McAfee subscription so your protection will continue. If you decide to renew or upgrade, you can share your McAfee+ Premium subscription with other people in your household. It can be installed on all your compatible devices including Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS. All you’ll need to do is log into your account, select ‘Add devices,’ and follow the steps on your screen to protect your family’s devices.

If you decide not to renew or upgrade, your McAfee subscription will simply expire after the 90-day trial.

Why do you need McAfee+ Premium online protection?

We live in a world where we function online almost as much as offline. Over the years spyware, viruses, and identity theft have become a fact of daily life. You never know what file, download or data breach will result in your laptop or personal information being compromised. The best protection against these threats is all-in-one online protection software, which includes award-winning antivirus protection.

McAfee+ Premium online protection includes their industry-first Protection Score which will identify weak spots and guide you to improve your security. It monitors the web for the newest threats and watches over your files, folders, and online data in real-time. You’ll see it in action the second you activate your free 90-day trial. For complete privacy and to protect your personal information and credit card while managing your money or shopping, McAfee’s unlimited Secure VPN turns on automatically. McAfee+ Premium will monitor up to 60 pieces of your personal information on the dark web, and if it finds anything you’ll be notified up to 10 months sooner than similar services so you can act before your information ends up in the wrong hands.

You don’t have to worry about which website you can’t click on or if you opened a link you shouldn’t have when you have McAfee+ Premium. The software is on guard 24/7 and will immediately notify you of any risky websites and protect your new laptop from threats. It even secures your accounts by generating and storing complex passwords using the password manager.

Which refurbished laptop will you choose?

There are a lot of options when choosing a refurbished laptop, and buying one can save you several hundred dollars on your laptop purchase. Refurbished laptops at Best Buy are protected by a warranty, and if you choose one of the eligible models, you’ll have identity, privacy, and device protection from the minute you power it up with McAfee+ Premium. Take a look at the refurbished laptops available right now at Best Buy to find the right model for you.

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