MX Master 3S and other Logitech mac accessories review

Mac owners sometimes feel left out when it comes to keyboards and mice. Windows users have so many choices! You can use a Windows keyboard or mouse with your Mac, but the experience can come with compromises. Like having to stare at a Windows key while wondering where the Command key is. If that’s you, you’ll be happy to hear that Logitech recently launched a trio of new accessories specifically for Mac users: the MX Master 3S Bluetooth optical mouse for Mac, the Lift vertical ergonomic mouse for Mac, and the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini wireless keyboard for Mac.

MX Master 3S Bluetooth optical mouse for Mac

 MX Master 3S and other Logitech mac accessories review

Mac users who have been using the standard wireless mouse that came with their system are missing out. Don’t get me wrong, the mouse Apple supplies is a decent one, but the Logitech MX Master 3S Bluetooth optical mouse is on a different level.

The body of the MX Master 3S is sculpted to be ergonomic and comfortable to use for extended sessions—Logitech has been perfecting this form factor for years. It is equipped with multiple buttons which offer a soft, tactile click. Each can be programmed for a wide range of apps using the company’s free Logi+ software. The integrated battery charges using USB-C and lasts up to 70 hours on a charge. It connects wirelessly to your device using Bluetooth and is also compatible with Logi Bolt USB receivers. A button on the bottom of the mouse lets you switch between three different devices. Its optical sensor offers 8K of resolution and tracks on virtually any surface.

 MX Master 3S and other Logitech mac accessories review
New MX Master 3S for Mac (L) and previous versions of this iconic mouse.

But my favourite feature is the scroll wheels. There are two on this mouse, one on top, one on the side. They are made of machined steel and the top one features MagSpeed electronic scrolling with dynamic inertia. In other words spin the scroll wheel and it will continue to spin on its own for a bit and can whip through up to 1,000 lines per second. Click the switch on top of the mouse, and the main MagSpeed wheel gains silent detents that make scrolling extremely precise.

I’ve been using a Logitech MX Master for Mac series Bluetooth mouse for a number of years now and you probably couldn’t pay me to switch. It’s worth noting that the unique design is meant for right-handed users and there is currently no option available for lefties.

Lift vertical ergonomic mouse for Mac

MX Master 3S

The second mouse I had the opportunity to test is a new one to me: the Lift vertical ergonomic Bluetooth mouse for Mac.

The design of this mouse borders on extreme—it is nearly as tall as it is long! That approach means ergonomic, comfortable, and productive mousing for hours at a time. The grip is softly textured, while the mouse’s 57-degree angle of lift results in the user’s hand being in what Logitech describes as a “natural handshake” position, for reduced pressure on the wrist.

Buttons and a scroll wheel are positioned on the sides, not the top surface of this mouse. The four buttons can be customized using Logi+ software, and a button on the bottom lets you instantly switch between three different Mac or iPadOS devices. Instead of being rechargeable, this mouse runs on a single AA battery, which is included in the box. A battery should last for up to two years of use, so you shouldn’t have to worry about constantly replacing it. When it does come time for a new battery, the compartment door on the bottom of the mouse is held in place with magnets, so it is super easy to pop open. 

One thing to know about the Lift mouse is that Logitech’s designers had small and medium-hand, right-hand users in their target. I’m right-handed, but I found this mouse just too small for my hands. If you’re not sure about sizing, you might want to consider popping by your local Best Buy store and trying one out.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini wireless keyboard for Mac

 Logitech MX Mechanical Mini wireless keyboard for Mac review

I was thrilled when Logitech sent me a new MX Mechanical Mini wireless keyboard for Mac to test out a few months back. I work on a Mac all day and as a writer/editor, the keyboard is a critical component. I’m pretty picky about keyboards, in fact. My preference is for a mechanical keyboard (the tactile feedback helps with typing speed and accuracy), I want backlighting (I keep the lights off in my office during the day so the lighting can be a little dim), and I want it to be wireless, because who wants wires? I also want the keyboard to be Mac native, but I usually have to make do with a keyboard meant for Windows PC use and deal with the fact that it lacks a Command key. Compact is a nice to have—I don’t have much use for a standalone numeric keypad so I’d rather have the extra desk space.

The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini wireless keyboard for Mac is very nearly a perfect solution. First, it’s made specifically for the Mac, so Mac users will find the key layout familiar. You can pair it with up to three different devices.

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini wireless keyboard for Mac
Logitech MX Mechanical Mini wireless keyboard for Mac is smaller than a full-sized keyboard.

It’s equipped with mechanical switches, although they are of the quiet variety so you can’t fully reproduce the sound of an old-school newsroom. It’s wireless (Bluetooth) and is rated for up to 15 days of use on a charge. I plug it into USB-C for a charge every two weeks—that’s much better battery life than most backlit wireless keyboards I’ve used. There is a slight downside to that battery life, though. The white LED backlights stay on during full darkness, but in dim lighting they automatically turn off until your hand approaches the keyboard to conserve battery power. There’s no way to change that, so far as I’ve been able to find.

Not sure if a mechanical and/or mini keyboard is right for you? If you have questions, you might want to check out this post on computer keyboards I wrote. It’s a few years old, but the basics haven’t changed and it might help you pick the right keyboard for your situation.

Logitech Flow support in mice and keyboards

Logitech Flow

Finally, one of the things that these three Logitech peripherals share is support for Logitech Flow. I don’t use it myself—my two work Macs are kept strictly separated for security reasons—but if you switch between Mac, iPad, or even a Windows PC, Flow lets your cursor move from one device to another, and even copy and paste files between devices. With a multi-device setup, Flow can be a real productivity win and the use of these Logitech peripherals means you need buy only one keyboard and one mouse.


If you’re a Mac user—or an iPad owner looking to make the most of the latest capabilities of iPadOS—the MX Master 3S Bluetooth optical mouse for Mac, Lift vertical ergonomic mouse for Mac, and the Logitech MX Mechanical Mini wireless keyboard for Mac are all worth checking out.

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  1. The 70 hour battery life is my favourite feature because I don’t have to waste my time charging the battery up too often

  2. Lift vertical ergonomic mouse for Mac. I love that the design which helps reduce pressure on the wrist and good for people like me with small hands.

  3. long battery life that lasts up to 70 hours on a charge so it can last for an extended period of time without requiring a charge

  4. My favorite feature of this product is the integrated USB-C charging. Using one-time-use batteries is not environmentally friendly, so having a rechargeable option showcases Logitech’s dedication to sustainability.


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