If you’d like to make your tablet as productive as any other computing device, just keep on reading to hear a few useful suggestions for Tablet & iPad Accessories. The categories chosen below represent some of the most useful items you can get to enhance your iPad or tablet and boost your overall productivity. Read on!

Tablet Keyboards

The first type of accessory that can make your device significantly more useful is Tablet & iPad Keyboards. Tablet keyboards effectively turn ordinary tablets into full-on laptop computers. They allow you to do things like write e-mail and essays, or even books if you like, and you won’t have to do it on a tiny and annoying in-screen keyboard.

Tablet & iPad Accessories

Among the features to look for when choosing a tablet keyboard are multiple connectivity options (such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and physical cords), dedicated function keys for the operating system you’re using and the functions you use most, backlit keys for writing in dark or low light conditions, a built-in stand for achieving your desired viewing angle, and keys that are large and well spaced for ease of use.

You also want to make sure the keyboard you choose is compatible with your specific tablet or iPad, and it doesn’t hurt to choose a slim and lightweight model that won’t add much weight to your handbag or backpack either! Also, many tablet keyboards today even wrap around your tablet as a protective case, which is a very handy feature.


Another useful accessory is Tablet & iPad Styluses. If, for example, you like taking notes in your own handwriting within your electronic documents, a stylus will be your constant companion. Likewise, if you enjoy creating intricate artwork on your tablet, you can do no better than to pick up a handy stylus.

Tablet & iPad

Styluses provide a number of extremely useful features. These include varying levels of pressure sensitivity (which is perfect for all of the artists out there) and built-in digital rulers. Other common features include wireless connectivity with your tablet, the ability to swap and use different types of tips for different kinds of work (writing, drawing, etc.), real-time “inking” ability (as in there is no lag between your touch of the stylus to the screen and the flow of its digital ink), eraser modes, and the ability to avoid leaving palm and/or finger marks by your hand during use, just to name a few.

Whether you’re a writer, a diligent note-taker, or a talented artist, a stylus is your tablet’s perfect companion.

Charging Cords & Power Banks

If your job or lifestyle requires frequent travel, then a Charger or Power Bank will help you to get plenty of extra work done while you’re on the road. These easy-to-carry accessories will power/charge your iPad or tablet when you may not otherwise have access to a power outlet, and many power banks hold enough extra power for multiple (2 or more) charge-ups of devices like tablets and smart phones.

Being able to keep your iPad or tablet fully charged wherever you go (and in the case of many power cables, to perform data transfers between devices as well) makes devices like the USB travel charger shown above an invaluable class of tablet accessories. Combine that with the usefulness of backup power in the form of a portable power bank when in circumstances where outlets may be scarce (just think of camping, for instance), and your productivity is increasing already!

Protective Cases

Tablet & iPadYet another example of a must have accessory for your favourite connected device is the iPad & Tablet Protective Case. After all, when it comes to bringing your iPad or tablet wherever you may go, having a trusty, protective case is an absolute must! If you’re anything like me and you frequently drop things like smart phones on the floor, having your device protected inside a durable case is a must, because your tablet certainly won’t help with productivity if it breaks on you. For this reason, you should definitely consider getting a high quality carrying case to protect your valuable device, such as the OtterBox Defender shown at left.


iPad & Tablet Stands

Finally, a great iPad/tablet accessory for those in a number of professions (including playing/recording music, teaching, preaching, cooking, and more) is the highly useful Tablet and iPad Stand.

Such a stand may be either portable (on legs) or mount in place (such as on a desk, a wall, a shelf, or even in your car), is generally lightweight and easy to install, will typically have either a pivoting arm or post to move about on for adjustability to different heights and viewing angles, and will be able to hold iPads and tablets of varying sizes. Many different kinds of stands exists, coming in all different shapes and sizes, so there’s sure to be something for every type/size of tablet and every personal preference.

Tablet & iPad

If your profession (or lifestyle) requires that you sometimes view or read from a tablet that you’re not ideally positioned to hold onto yourself (like when your hands are full of chicken grease or batter while cooking from a recipe displayed on screen), one of these stands may prove very useful indeed!

Similarly, musicians can use it to hold their tablet to display their sheet music while playing an instrument, teachers/presenters can use it to see notes on their tablet pertaining to the speech/lesson they’re giving, crafters can use it to view step-by-step instructions directly on their tablet’s screen for any project they’re working on, and there are numerous other possibilities as well. Whether for work or for play, a proper display stand for your iPad or tablet is sure to make your life easier and more productive!

I hope you find the above suggestions useful. But before I leave off, one final suggestion I’d like to make is Tablet & iPad Screen Protectors, whose usefulness I believe speaks for itself. And remember, you can find all of the other Tablet & iPad Accessories you may need either online or in store at Best Buy Canada, leading not only to an increase in your overall productivity, but a greater level of satisfaction with your chosen device as well. Good luck!

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