A high performance gaming PC deserves a monitor that takes things to an entirely new level. That’s the premise behind the new ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 4K UHD 144Hz 4ms GTG IPS LED G-Sync gaming monitor (currently available for pre-order at Best Buy). That is one heck of a mouthful of a name, so let’s just call it the ROG 4K AURA Sync going forward. All those acronyms and numbers are worth exploring, though, because they add up to what ASUS is calling “the future of gaming.”

Here’s a pictorial view of key technology this monitor features.



I probably don’t have to tell anyone what this one means. The 27-inch panel offers a full 4K resolution, for 3840 x 2160 pixels. 

144MHz refresh rate, 4ms response rate

Lots of computer monitors are now offering 4K resolution. But high resolution doesn’t mean they’re fast enough for gaming. You want the highest possible refresh rate, and the lowest possible response rate. ASUS says the ROG 4K AURA Sync is the first gaming monitor to hit a refresh rate of 144MHz. Its response is a lightning-fast 4ms. The combination shows off that 4K detail with buttery smooth frame rates and no lag.

ROG 4K AURA SyncQuantum Dot IPS LED

The ROG 4K AURA Sync uses an IPS LED display with advanced quantum dot technology that provides wide viewing angles and great colour range. In this case, 10-bit colour with 178-degree viewing angles. 

Nvidia G-Sync

If your gaming PC is equipped with an Nvidia video card, you’ll be happy to know the ROG 4K AURA Sync supports Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. This means no screen tearing, and minimized stutter and input lag. For a great explanation of what G-Sync offers, check out Chris Loblaw’s post on PC gaming monitors.

There are also some features that didn’t quite make it into the acronym parade.

ROG 4K AURA SyncHigh Dynamic Range (HDR) with 384 zone backlight

The ROG 4K AURA Sync’s display features local dimming zones. My 65-inch TV has 128 local dimming zones, which seriously improves blacks by selectively turning LED backlighting on and off in each zone. The ROG Swift PG27UQ has a whopping 384 local dimming zones in a 27-inch panel. That means extremely fine control, which pays off with incredible contrast. 

Combined with the Quantum Dot IPS panel, this monitor supports high dynamic range. It earned DisplayHDR 1000 certification—another gaming industry first—which means it not only delivers premium HDR performance, but it can hit a peak brightness of 1,000 nits.

Aura Sync lighting with ROG light signal

As its name would suggest, the ROG 4K AURA Sync includes the ASUS Sync LED lighting that helps to make the company’s ROG gaming PCs and laptops stand out. Customized mood lighting can by synced with other ASUS equipment for a killer light show or the ultimate mood lighting. And the monitor features a projector that can show your gaming spirit by painting the wall behind the monitor with a big, glowing ROG logo.

GamePlus technology

The ROG 4K AURA Sync offers ASUS in-game enhancements, which are developed with input from pro gamers. These include a crosshair overlay (four crosshair options) and GameVisual with six preset display modes that optimize visuals for different types of games.

Connectivity and ergonomics

DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 video input ports are hidden out of the way, with advanced cable management to reduce clutter. There are two USB 3.0 ports for connecting accessories or charging your smartphone.

Ergonomics weren’t overlooked, either. There are height and tilt adjustments and the display can also be pivoted into portrait mode. Long gaming sessions are easy on the eyes thanks to flicker-free technology and adjustable ultra-low blue light filter levels.


All this is a long way of saying the ROG 4K AURA Sync may just be the most advanced PC gaming monitor on the planet. Pre-order it now from Best Buy, and if it’s a little too much monitor for your PC gaming setup, don’t worry, Best Buy has you covered with a huge selection of models.

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