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Health and fitness is on the minds of everyone nowadays, especially as we begin a new year. There’s evidence of this all over CES 2023. There’s lots to talk about in this category, from smartwatches to smart glasses, earbuds to blood pressure monitors and more. We even saw health tech for pets that I’ll discuss near the end of this article.

iMedSync brain sensingThere were too many health tech products to discuss in a single article: Here is a previous post I wrote that covered a different selection of health tech including the Withings Urine scanning tech, new BP monitors, fitness tech, and a portable full brain EEG scanner—imagine scanning your brain in the comfort of your home!

Citizen CZ Smartwatches

Citizen YouQ smartwatch

Citizen’s latest CZ YouQ smartwatch includes wellness technology powered by IBM Watson. This uses machine learning to help wearers understand and anticipate patterns that can contribute to fatigue and alertness, then provides customized insights to help you build better habits. Combined with scientific research from NASA, the watches can determine your personal Chronotype, which is a genetic marker for your timing of sleep and wake. Custom Alert Monitor tests, meanwhile, deliver Alert Scores. It measures circadian rhythm, activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and other stats. It comes with downloadable, customizable touchscreens and a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 24 hours per charge. Set to be available in March 2023 and compatible with both Android and iOS, the watch will come in a sport and casual model.

Solos Airgo PRO Hearing Glasses

Solos AirGo Pro

Designed for those who are hard of hearing, the Solos AirGo Pros are open-ear-designed hearing glasses that help the wearer hear better while also affording situational awareness. They include features like a directional speaker design so the wearer can hear where the audio is coming from, noise exclusion, wind noise management for outdoor or loud settings, and health and fitness management.

Loba Smart Pill and Supplement Organizer


There are so many technologies designed to remind you when to take pills and medication, but none quite as comprehensive as the Loba Smart Pill and Supplement Organizer, which hails from a female-owned, Vancouver, BC-based Canadian company. The smart organizer connects via Wi-Fi to the Loba app which then delivers daily reminders for when it’s time to take pills. The unit’s LEDs light up in a custom colour to advise when it’s time to take a specific pill or supplement. (You can also use the app on its own as a simple pill scheduler with push notifications, habit tracking, and other handy features.)

The organizer is designed to be stylish, fitting with home décor while placed on a nightstand, home office desk, shelf, kitchen counter, or even side table in a foyer by the front door. While Loba is fitting for those who need to take multiple medications, it’s also useful for managing and organizing supplements, vitamins, and other natural products. In fact, the idea for the company came about when founder Kate Bouchard started a naturopathic treatment plan that included taking various supplements. When she couldn’t find anything on the market to help her organize them and remind her to take them that also looked good, she decided to create something herself. You can find this at Best Buy right now!

xCura TherapeiaVR Pain Management System


Virtual reality (VR) technology has a place in entertainment, but there are also some useful medical applications for it. One such application is in pain management, and one company, xCura, believes that VR can be used as therapy in place of anesthesia for certain medical procedures. The health tech start-up is revealing its new TherapeiaVR pain management system at CES 2023, which uses VR to help take a patient’s mind off what’s happening to their bodies, like a dental procedure. This such set-up, believes the company, can help reduce the need for and reliance on anesthesia and/or pain medication.

The Japanese founder Yuichiro Niijima is a hypnotherapist himself and says the clinical trials that took place in Japan revealed that patients were able to use VR to manage fears during dental procedures, gastroscopy, and other procedures. TherapeaiVR is designed to combine both psychotherapy with VR goggles to measure physical signs of pain and guide partients to follow specific breathing techniques. Patients might do things like virtually walk through a forest or even space while a procedural is getting done. Breathing guidance, menwhile, might involve specific tempos, designed to help them relax while narration helps them through autogenic training and muscle relaxation. It will be released in Indonesia and Finland in April 2023.

RCA HF104 Smart Weight Scale

RCA smart scale

There are so many smart scales out there from top brands like Withings, and RCA is trying its hand in this space as well with its own model. The HF104 can track both weight gain and loss as well as body mass index (BMI) to provide a fuller picture of your health. Share it with multiple family members who can all track their individual results. It’s simpler than other smart scales you might find on the market, but it’s a step-up from the standard digital scale.

Movano Evie Smart Ring


Designed specifically for women, the Evie smart ring from Movano Health provides personalized insights based on health data that females can track using the companion mobile app. With plans to file for FDA clearance in the U.S. for gathering pulse oximetry metrics, the wearable is designed to help women determine cause and effect between symptoms they might be feeling and the state of their bodies. It can track not only pulse and Sp02 but also resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, skin temperature variability, menstrual and ovulation cycles, activities including steps, active minutes, calories burned, sleep stages and duration, and mood. Effectively, it works like any other fitness tracker except it’s worn around the finger versus the wrist. The idea is to focus not only on the data but also recovery with encouragements to set goals related to both physical and mental health. Made of polished aluminum, the ring comes in three colours and sizes from 5-11. It is expected to be available some time in 2023. There will be no added subscription fees.

SevaCare pule oximeterSevaCare Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

For those who want to keep on top of their blood oxygen and Sp02, the SevaCare finger tip pulse oximeter is portable and easy to use. Set to be available in Spring 2023, it weighs just 50 grams, even with the required two AAA batteries, and comes with a lanyard. Place your finger inside and quickly and easily get a reading of both your heart rate and Sp02. Ideal for both those concerned about their breathing and respiration as well as athletes and adventurers, it boasts automatic shut-off after eight seconds and auto detection of an inserted finger after five.

SevaCare blood pressure monitorSevaCare Blood Pressure Monitor

The SevaCare blood pressure monitor, which comes with a cuff and main unit with a large LCD for reading the results. It can store up to 99 blood pressure readings in its memory from a total of two users. Place the cuff around your arm and simply press a button for it to begin. It’s small, lightweight, and runs off four AA batteries.

Cleer Audio Roam Sport Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds

Cleer Audio Roam Sport

The Roam Sport noise cancelling true wireless earbuds from Cleer Audio are designed specifically for active individuals. Boasting IPX4 certified sweat and water resistance, they come with custom 5.8mm drivers and noise cancellation that can cancel up to 25dB of environmental noise as well as use the ambient awareness mode when you want to let some outside sounds in. With a battery that lasts up to 20 hours per charge (five hours plus 15 more with the included charging case), the multi-sized Freebit wings ensure a comfortable and secure fits in various ear sizes. Using touch pad gestures, you can also easily control music playback, volume, calls, and compatible voice assistants.

Pet health technology: Invoxia BioMetric Smart Dog Collar

Invoxia smart dog collar

Health and wellness isn’t just for humans: it’s also important to ensure your furry friends are performing and feeling their best as well. Pet tech is growing industry; you’ll already find many pet related technologies online at Best Buy. One of the most interesting things I saw in this category was the Invoxia BioMetric smart dog collar. It includes advanced heart tracking technology to monitor a dog’s heart vitals as well as respiratory system. It also tracks activity. Designed for preventative pet care, it can help pet owners detect health problems before visible signs surface, which can in turn increase the opportunity for treatment and recovery.

It captures and processes health data via miniaturized radar sensors, accelerometers, and edge AI within the collar to measure movement, respiratory, and heart rate without the need for uncomfortable electrodes. The information is captured in the app and can then be shared with veterinarians at the next visit. Using Heatprint technology, you’ll see a 2D visual representation of the dog’s cardio-pulmonary system through continuous rather than one-off measurements. This can provide details about changes in stress levels, for example, pain, tonus levels, and heart disease. Made of silicone, the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar is light and comfortable and comes in a variety of colours. Set for availability in the U.S. in early 2023, it will require a data subscription.

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