Samsung keynote ces 2022Samsung’s CES 2022 keynote made an impact from the first minute of the presentation. The introduction spoke about the difficulty of the past few years and set the stage for a presentation that highlighted just how important technology has been and will continue to be to us all. Here’s a look at the highlights from the Samsung keynote at CES 2022.

When the world is at a stand still, technology moves us forward

Samsung President Gary Shapiro began by speaking about how technology has kept us moving forward, and how the past two years have set the bar for our higher expectations for that technology. He introduced Samsung’s CEO JH Han who’s theme was ‘Together For Tomorrow.”

After speaking about the adaptation and expectations of technology over the past few years and how we all want better products, he also emphasized we need to focus on creating a better planet.

Everyday sustainability

JH Han spoke about how Samsung is committed to reduce, reuse, and recycle. They are moving to global eco-packaging for their appliances including microwaves, air purifiers, and more. SmartThings Energy will monitor your energy consumption and habits to help you save energy while using appliances like your dishwasher or air purifier.

Samsung is taking on the challenge of e-waste by putting effort into their Galaxy for the Planet initiative. They are also partnering with Patagonia and other industry leaders to take on the challenges our planet faces together.

Samsung announcements at CES 2022

Samsung The Freestyle projector


Samsung’s introduced Samsung The Freestyle, a portable entertainment projector that gives you a cinema-like experience wherever you are.

The sleek design weighs less than 2 pounds, and it has a 180-degree cradle stand so you can adjust it and set it up anywhere. The screen size can project up to 100 inches. Connecting is easy – all you have to do is tap your phone and mirror its contents. It works without cables or Wi-Fi, and if you have a Samsung phone you can use it as a remote. You don’t need a Samsung phone to use it though, as it’s open to using with every device.

Samsung The Freestyle is so versatile it can create an ambient light vibe, project your artwork, or use it as a smart speaker with lights and music. You can use it in your living room, bedroom, or even a campsite. It comes with the same audio and video accessibility features from the Samsung TV lineup, and you can use voice to control it up to 13 feet away. It will be released on February 11, 2022.

Samsung The Freestyle is available for pre-order right now on Best Buy. It will be released on February 11, 2022.

Samsung Gaming Hub

Samsung Gaming Hub

Gamers are one of the most connected groups on the planet, and the Samsung Gaming Hub keeps all of your games in one spot. It’s a cloud service that bridges the gap between hardware and software, and it gives you an easy way to play a ton of amazing games including NVIDIA games and Stadia. You can use your own controller, and you get amazing graphics, low latency, and

Samsung Gaming Hub will be available on 2022 Samsung Smart TVs and monitors later this year.

Odyssey Ark gaming screen

Samsung Odessy Ark monitor

Odyssey Ark is a next generation gaming screen you can use horizontally or vertically (Best Buy currently carries the 49″ Samsung Odyssey curved monitor). It puts you in the centre of the action and lets you make the best use of your space. It’s curved and customizable to make gaming easier on your eyes, and you can use the wireless wheel controller to tap into multi-view options or use the ambient game screen to adjust the dimensions of your game.

Together the Odyssey Ark and Samsung Gaming Hub will change the way you game at home.

Samsung Bespoke Home: colours, style for your whole home


Colour is a way to reflect your personal style, so why not add a splash of colour to all of your appliances and other devices? Samsung announced that their appliances including dishwashers, ranges, and over-the-range microwaves will be treated to the Samsung Bespoke colour line. Every appliance you bring home can be a vibrant pink, stylish navy, or bright yellow. Bespoke is coming to vacuum cleaners and washer and dryers too, and Bespoke Home gives you endless ways to customize your appliances.

You can create your own home experience for your home using #YouMake, a service at that’s debuting later this month. Check it out and see how you can customize your own home.

Samsung Home Hub

Samsung Home Hub

Samsung SmartThings creates a unified experience, and because we’re using our connected homes for work, relaxation, and working out, we really are on the verge of making a truly connected home.

Samsung has created an easy way to create your own connected smart home, and they unveiled a new intelligent living experience fuelled by the Samsung Home Hub; a home assistant that’s powered by SmartThings.

It integrates with AI devices and compatible smart home devices, and Samsung is working with other big brands like GE and Electrolux to create a smart home standard as part of a partnership called Home Connectivity Alliance. Take a look at the link for more information on how Samsung is creating a complete smart home.

Samsung MicroLED announced prior to keynote


Samsung didn’t announce their new TV lineup at the keynote, but there were announcements at CES prior to the presentation. I’ll focus on all of the latest TVs from Samsung in another article, but there’s one major announcement that just happened that deserves a mention here.

A few days ago Samsung announced MicroLED displays in a size small enough to bring home.  MicroLED TVs will be available in a home theatre-friendly 89″ size. MicroLED TVs have 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs as the backlight and can offer incredible colour, contrast, and depth.

If you’d like to read more about MicroLED, take a look at this link. This is the technology that has the power to rival OLED, so keep an eye out for it this year on Best Buy.

Catch up on all things CES 2022

That’s it for my recap of the CES 2022 Samsung keynote. Looking for all of the latest news coming out of Las Vegas? You can catch up on all of the CES announcements from your favourite tech brands on the blog. Just follow this link.

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