New Ring Products CES 2018

At this year’s CES, Ring, the company best known for its line of camera-equipped doorbells that allow you to remotely keep an eye on your front door, announced the launch of two new products guaranteed to amp up your home security in 2018. Here’s what’s new from Ring:

Stick Up Cameras

First up for Ring is a pair of cameras: the Stick Up Cam and the Stick Up Cam Elite. The cameras are revamped versions of Ring’s existing Stick Up Cam and designed to work both indoors and outdoors to bring smart security to your home.

Ring Stick Up Cam

Both cameras feature 1080p high definition video, which is a great upgrade over the 720p offered by the existing version. They are also weatherproof, so can be mounted in whichever location is most convenient for you, and that provides the best glimpse into the areas around your home that you want to monitor from your smartphone. You can also communicate with visitors (wanted or not wanted) through the camera’s integrated two-way audio.

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite

There are three differences between the Stick Up Cam and the Stick Up Cam Elite:

  1. The Stick Up Cam Elite is powered via a standard wall outlet or Ethernet connection, while the Stick Up Cam is battery-powered.
  2. The Stick Up Cam Elite features built-in active motion sensors with zone detection, while the Stick Up Cam features passive infrared motion sensors with zone detection.
  3. The Stick Up Cam Elite also features a Wi-Fi port for a more reliable connection, while the Stick Up Cam does not.


Ring Beams

The second product Ring launched at CES is its new line of smart, connected outdoor security lights called Ring Beams. Made possible by Ring’s recent acquisition of the innovative LED lighting tech company Mr. Beams, Ring Beams are all battery-powered and designed to integrate with Ring’s security cameras and doorbells, as well as the Ring app.

Ring Beams Security Lights

The Ring Beams product range includes pathway lights, step lights, and spotlights, all of which include built-in motion sensors, so they’ll turn on when movement is detected. Ring Beams are also weatherproof, as would be expected of outdoor lights.


Given the increasing popularity of smart home devices, especially as they relate to home security, these new products from Ring are sure to appeal to many homeowners. It’s also encouraging and exciting to see how Ring has expanded its product offering into a cohesive and integrated smart home security ecosystem. Who knows what they’ll announce next!

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Additional Photos from Event Floor – CES, 2018


(Photo credit: Teddy K.)

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