Review: Samsung J5500 HD Smart TV

With fall in full swing, and winter imminent, it’s a great time of year to consider a new TV.  Since Canadians like to hibernate in winter, picking out a gorgeous new flat screen set with smart streaming functions will go a long way to keeping you entertained theough the coming season.

BenQ HT2150ST Home Theatre Projector Review

The BenQ HT2150ST is an impressive home theatre projector that can project a screen up to 300". It also has features dedicated to gamers and movie enthusiasts. If you are looking to build a dedicated home theatre, you should definitely check out this review.

The best home theatre experience can only happen through a better...

     A lot of people underestimate the impact that sound has on the Home Theatre experience. A decent sound bar can be a big step up from TV sound, while a surround sound system can take it up yet another level. In fact, once you have a good surround system, I can guarantee you will never turn back—it is noticeably that much better. At the heart of any surround sound system is the receiver, and the better the receiver the more impact your entertainment system will create.

How to connect an audio system to your TV – Wired...

If you'd like to boost the volume of your TV, all you need is an audio system. Here's how to connect one to a sound bar or a receiver.

What to watch in 4K now

You want to get the most from your 4K TV, and that means access to great 4K content. The list of available 4K content in Canada continues to grow monthly.

Cord-cutting 101: How to get rid of cable TV

Cable TV is no longer a necessity. Here's a guide to help you get rid of cable TV in order to see even more of the content that you love!

Top 5 4K TVs as rated by Best Buy customers

Shopping for a new 4K TV? These televisions are favourites of Best Buy customers, so use this list as a starting point in your hunt for the best 4K TV.

The Internet of things and your television

Almost all the information currently on the Internet is created by humans. Content mainly produced by people. But the Internet of Things (IoT) is about devices connected to the Internet and interacting with other connected things and to a small extent with humans, and providing its own content. It is a concept that has enormous potential to impact how we live and work and is already starting to impact the home. But we are just at the tip of the iceberg. Smart TVs already comprise some of the billions of “things” currently connected to the Internet, and they will definitely have a role to play as the Internet of Things unfolds. I will start to identify that potential.

Sony SRS-ZR5 Speaker Review

The Sony SRS-ZR5 is a versatile compact speaker that focuses on delivering quality audio. It's packed with forward thinking features, but how does it perform?

Home Theatre Month: How to tidy up your home theatre

Is your home theatre a mess? Do you avoid inviting friends over for movie night or to watch the game because you’re embarrassed that your entertainment area looks more like a mad scientist’s evil lair? Never fear. As part of Home Theatre Month, we’ll show you how to tidy up your home theatre like a real superhero.