If you love to watch movies and take pride in owning a cool collection of your favourite Blu-Ray titles, then you should definitely check out the collectible Steelbook format for some premium additions to your film library.

What are Steelbooks?

Movies are a multi-billion-dollar industry, with people taking in films in cinemas, using streaming services, on pay TV or DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. People just love their movies and can end up really loving particular titles. I’m sure we all have a movie or two that we would classify ourselves as “fans” whether it’s Star Wars, The Big Lebowski or the Harry Potter flicks. And, as people become fans of certain films, they want to express that appreciation by owning something that transcends the movie itself. So, the studios created the Steelbook format to fill that fandom void.

At its essence, a Steelbook is a limited and collectible run of a Blu-Ray (or video game) that comes packaged in a premium metal case, often beautifully decorated with classic or special artwork. The nature of the hard, metal case makes it ideal as a canvas for displaying the enhanced artworks. Plus, the steel hard case is just fantastic for storing and protecting your favourite discs. Sometimes, the Steelbooks feature embossing. As well, further turning the case into a work of art worth owning.

Exclusive and limited edition

Most of the Steelbooks you’ll find on the market have been produced in very limited quantities, so they are rare and limited editions. Often, these limited edition Steelbook Blu-Rays are also exclusive to a store. Best Buy always has a new selection of these exclusive and limited edition Steelbook films, so make sure you check online for new releases and pre-orders.

How to pre-order Steelbooks

Quite often, you’ll find that the Steelbook version of a movie you want to own is not yet available in stores. That’s where the handy dandy pre-order function comes in. All you need to do, is go online and Best Buy lets you secure your collectible Steelbook even before its release.

For example, right now the Steelbook version of the DC superhero film Aquaman is available on March 26, 2019. But, by pressing the “pre-order” button, you get to secure your copy of the film right now, thereby taking away the risk that other movie collectors will snap them all up when it finally releases. Make sense?

Available Steelbook titles

You may be thinking that Steelbooks, being for collectors and fans of certain movies, would be created only for the most fan-favourited of films (like the aforementioned Star Wars and Harry Potter films, which boast quite a following). But, that is not the case. Best Buy features a wide range of cool and unexpected Steelbook releases from across all genres of movies, new and old. In the new releases, though, you will find Steelbook versions of many popular titles including the much-loved Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper A Star is Born remake. Best Buy also has exclusive Steelbooks of Ralph Breaks the Internet, and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World; but really, instead of me listing out every new release, just check out the Steelbook section at Best Buy yourself, and happy collecting!

Be quick though! Steelbooks are always offered as limited releases; and many people collect them—so they tend to sell out fast. For example, the Steelbook version of Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse sold out really quickly. The non-Steelbook versions are still on sale.

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  1. I love getting a steelbook pre-ordered every once in a while for a movie I really loved, but a handful of times I don’t know when the steelbook becomes available for pre-order so I check and its already sold out. Is there any way to know when steelbooks are becoming available for pre-order, or do I just have to keep checking and get lucky?

  2. I’m avid SteelBook collector and frequent buyer from Best Buy. Keep the SteelBooks coming! But what’s going on with the recent Captain America 4K SteelBooks? I have never had so much trouble pre-ordering before. They appear to sell out the moment the link is posted! Is there really that limited of stock? Should Best Buy not consider ordering more so people can get their hands on these beauties? I’m finding myself ordering from the US instead because of this. It’s a real inconvenience and I would much rather support Best Buy Canada but I’m left with little choice.

    • Hi Mike,

      Popular Steelbook titles often sell out during the online pre-order. For that reason, Best Buy is rarely able to offer Steelbooks in our stores.

      Best regards,

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