Flying and Filming with the Yuneec Breeze 4K Quadcopter

If you're looking for a top flight flying camera with a great bang for buck ratio, step on in and check out my complete review of the Yuneec Breeze 4K Quadcopter.

Review: Parrot Disco drones on like a plane

When thinking of a drone, the image of a quadcopter probably comes to mind, and that’s what makes the Parrot Disco so unique. It’s a fixed-wing drone, with entirely different design and flight mechanics than just about anything else in the consumer drone category. Taking this for a few sessions feels like wielding power in the air.

Drone Buying Guide

If you've become interested in drones but are confused by the vast selection of drone types and models available, this guide will break things down for you and help you make a wise decision.

Which drone is right for you: hobbyist

If you enjoy flying remote controlled drones and pursue this activity purely for the pleasure and relaxation it brings you, then you probably won’t object to being called a drone hobbyist. And why not?? After all, drones can be a great deal of fun, and they also provide an optimal level of challenge to master, making them all the more enjoyable. So, if the term drone hobbyist describes you, then come along for a brief overview of 3 drones that are perfectly suited to your interest level. These drones are fun, affordable, and they pose enough of a challenge to hold the attention of even the most hard core of drone enthusiasts!

Drones Explained by Grade: Toy, Hobby, & Professional.

Today I explore the 3 major drone classifications to clear up any confusion that may exist among them and hopefully enhance your drone shopping experience.

Fun with the Propel Star Wars X-Wing Battling Drone

I recently had the opportunity to test the Propel Star Wars X-Wing Battling Drone. If you'd like to see how it went, just click through to find out.

Review: DJI OSMO Zenmuse X3 Handheld 4K Camera with Gimbal System

 Today I review a cool new handheld camera from called the DJI OSMO Zenmuse X3 Handheld 4K Camera with Gimbal System. If you’re into photography and shooting your own videos and would like something for ground based shots that’s as good as you’d get with the highest end drones, click on through and read all about it!

Which drone is right for you: Professional photographer or videographer

 As photographers and videographers we’re living in an incredible time; the combination of low-cost, high-quality camera equipment with aerial drones and gimbals, it’s now possibly to shoot amazing photos and videos in a way that was previously only accessible to well-funded professionals. Drones are easy to control and easy to shoot with, leaving only one challenging part: how to pick the right drone for you as a photographer or videographer. After reviewing countless models, I have two drones here that offer best-in-class experiences, read on to learn about both of them.

My Review of the LaTrax Alias Quadcopter Drone

Come fly with me today as I examine the amazing LaTrax Alias Quadcopter Drone. I can't say I love this drone as much as the Parrot Mambo that I recently reviewed, but if you're a serious drone enthusiast with piloting skills to match, then you're almost guaranteed to enjoy the Alias immensely. It's not the easiest drone to control at times, but it's sure rewarding when you begin to get the hang of it. Click through to read on.

Get ready to fly: DJI announces its new Mavic Air 2...

DJI announces its new Mavic Air 2 drone! If you're into top quality photography drones that are packed to the gills with all the latest features, read on!

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