10 traditional school supplies you still need in 2016

 As much as we think that we must be in a fully digital age, you can’t help but realize that there are still some fairly “old school” things you need to get you through school. It’s nice that we can attend classes and look at itineraries on phones, laptops and tablets these days but you have to remember that the amount of help they can give you is limited to battery life and storage space. Check out this list of 10 traditional school supplies you’ll still need to carry with you in 2016.

Home Office Furniture Ideas

   Whether you work from home full-time, part-time, or on your own time, a functioning and comfortable office space is an absolute necessity. Cramped, cluttered spaces with no true purpose aren’t only frustrating, but have been proven to hinder productivity. So to help you create a space in which you’ll want to work, I’ve put together this list of furniture and décor ideas. Save

UPS: how it works and why you need one

 UPS isn’t just a package delivery company, the acronym also stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. And if you own a PC, it should be connected to a UPS. Here’s how a UPS works and why you need one.

Ooma conveniently delivers business phone services to your home office

 You’ve no doubt seen the pithy television commercials featuring the nerdy dad-type talking to a piece of technology called Ooma. I love the banter between nerd dad and the female actress who voices Ooma, however I must admit those ads never really made me retain whatever it is the product is supposed to do. It’s, like, phones or something? Does it talk? Well, if you’ve also been wondering just what the heck an Ooma actually is, read on and I’ll fill you in on the benefits of Ooma for offices.

5 essentials for a successful business (big or small)

 The right technology and the right equipment are a crucial part of doing business. In this post, I take a look at the steps to help you get your business set up for success with all the right gear.

Five Essential Items Every Home Office Needs

 So, you’ve decided to give up your long commute to work and set up your own home office. However, to really create a solid working environment, you know you’re going to need to do a bit more than just slap your laptop down on the kitchen counter. But, what do you really require to create a decent work space in your abode? Read on and I’ll show you the five essential items every home office needs.

The 3 most important technologies for your home office

 Do you have a home office? Many Canadians do and whether you use your home office for occasionally working from home, or it’s the full-time base for your business, three technologies make it all possible: the PC, the smartphone and the router.

Why running a home-based business is easier now than ever

 Are you looking to start a home-based business, but are worried about what it all entails, and more importantly, how much it will cost? While once it may have been quite an investment to create your own work environment in your abode, today, thanks to better and more inexpensive tech, running a home-based business is easier now than ever.

How to boost your computer’s performance with faster Wi-Fi

There are many tweaks and system upgrades that will help your PC perform better and seem more responsive. One of the overlooked ways you can boost performance is through faster Wi-Fi. Here’s how upgrading to 802.11ac can make your computer faster than ever.

How to protect your data using encryption

Have you ever thought about encrypting the data on your PC? What exactly is encryption? These questions and more will be answered; come find out inside why you should encrypt the data on your PC today.

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