Over the past few months, the workplace has changed from a physical location you go to from 9 to 5 every day to an office in your own home. With so many employees working from home for the foreseeable future, many employers are making the switch to a hybrid work model. With this new work-at-home model in mind, they need to set up remote offices that have everything their employees need to be productive. Thankfully, it’s easy to set up multiple remote offices when you utilize Best Buy’s Home Offices Program.

What is Best Buy’s Home Offices Program?

Best Buy’s Home Offices Program makes it easy for any employer to set up a cost-effective remote office for staff members. There is a wide range of equipment, furniture, and services to choose from, and Best Buy Business will manage everything from employee communication and support to product delivery.

Benefits of setting up remote offices with Best Buy Business

There are quite a few benefits to using Best Buy’s Home Offices Program to set up your remote offices.

You choose your funding capability

You can choose to partially or fully fund the purchase of your employee’s equipment, furniture, and services. Dual funding capability makes it easy for the employer to provide the equipment and services their employees need and allows the employee to pay for upgrades from a tailored catalogue if they wish.

Large selection of tech and more

The kind of remote office your employees work in will depend on what type of business you run. The Home Offices Program is flexible and allows you to select the products your business needs from a broad selection of computers, tablets, printers, furniture, and more.

Help for remote offices is just a click away

Your employees can get access to Geek Squad Services. You can offer remote support for all your employees’ home tech as well as give them options for extended warranty.

Best Buy Business takes care of all inquiries

With Best Buy Business in your corner, you don’t have to field numerous employee emails about devices or furniture choices. All employee communication and inquiries will be managed by us including returns, so you can focus on your business.

How Best Buy’s Home Offices Program works

It’s easy to use Best Buy’s Home Offices Program to set up remote offices. To start, you need to select products and services you’d like your employees to access and decide on funding.

Next, Best Buy Business will work with you to build an online experience for your employees that will show the products and services you selected, branded with your logo. You supply a list of eligible employees, Best Buy Business sends the branded email to your list, and they can then choose from those products and services. Best Buy Business also takes care of delivery.

It’s easy to set up remote offices with Best Buy Business. To learn more about how you can do this, you can contact a Best Buy Business Account Manager at 1 877 423 3429. Click here to find out about other Best Buy Business Solutions.