3 new technologies every parent should not be without

Everyone who has children wants to inundate you with their list of must-have gear. Here are 3 essential tech items that are must-haves for any parent, plus a few honourable mentions.

Summer survival guide Part 3: keeping baby happy

Summers in Canada are beautiful, and can be made even more beautiful when you have a happy, bubbly baby on your hands. Here are some tips on how to keep baby super-happy during the summer months.

Essentials for warm weather day out with your baby

There are plenty of things you need to bring along any time you head out with baby. But when it comes to warm weather days, there are a few extra items that become particularly essential. 

What’s new for baby: bottles and more from Dr. Brown’s

Dr. Brown’s is a well-known brand for baby bottles, and one I used through my son’s first years. But did you know the company makes plenty of other baby feeding products? Find out more about what Dr. Brown’s has to offer.

You’re about to have a baby! Now what?

Let’s rewind to winter 2008. Me, my beach ball belly and my husband step into a big box baby store full of dreams of tiny yellow onesies. What greets us is aisle upon aisle of plastic, primary-coloured product. Strollers, diapers, breast pumps, soothers, a billion bottles and toys. Within 10 minutes I am drenched in tears, completely overwhelmed and feeling wholly inadequate as a shopper and a soon-to-be mom. Was it the hormones? Of course! But it was also the reality of having way too many options and just not knowing what was needed and what wasn’t. Use my breakdown to your advantage.

What’s new for baby: fashionable maternity from JoJo Maman

There's a reason that maternity clothing exists—it conforms properly to the areas of the body that are growing, it’s extra comfortable and offers added support where you need it. And lately, it can also be ultra-fashionable, too.

10 awesome baby products you’ll want this year

Do you have baby gear on the mind? Here are 10 hot baby items from which to choose.

What is the Belly Bandit?

One of the things on any new mom’s mind, aside from, of course, caring for her new baby, is getting her body back into shape. There are plenty of diet, exercise, and other tips and tricks, plus some products that can help. The Belly Bandit is one of them.

A brief history of the baby stroller

In its short 300 year history, the stroller has come a long way. In fact, prior to the 1700’s, the go-to mode of transportation for a baby was a hip. That all changed in 1733 when the Duke of Devonshire asked a well-known garden architect, William Kent, to build a means of transportation that would amuse his children. In response, Kent designed a shell shaped basket on wheels in which the children could sit. Equipped with a harness so it could be pulled by a goat or small pony, and springs, so the Duke’s children could ride in comfort, the first “baby carriage” was born.

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