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Top school bag styles for 2015

The beginning of August means one thing, for families with school-aged kids: the beginning of back-to-school season. While it doesn’t necessarily set in for all of us immediately (my family, at least, was always a last-minute kind of family), with the big 0-9 sets in the beginning of the back-to-school tremors.

Enter for a chance to win cordless Lunata and Unplugged Beauty...

Enter this contest and you might win one of two amazing cordless hair tools and be saying goodbye to bad hair days forever.

Fitness tips with Lindsey: getting fit by walking local trails

This week on fitness tips I’m talking about one of my favourite exercises to do outdoors, and that’s walking my local trails. Read on to see the benefits of it and how to stay safe, have fun and get healthy.

Add A Little Vega to your day

Vega has a huge selection of proteins and products to help you have a healthy and nutritious day.

Best Fitness Devices for Students

As a university student, you do a lot of running. You run to class, from class, across campus to get to your next class on time even though you know you’re going to be late no matter how fast you run, to the bus or your car to get to your part-time job, back to the bus or you car so you can get home and study, and repeat. No wonder I didn’t gain any weight in my university years! So to keep track of all those calories burned, and to keep you motivated when all you want to do is curl up in a corner and sleep, here are what I consider to be the best fitness devices for students.

5 Father’s Day gifts to encourage dad to cook outdoors more

 It’s almost Father’s Day and it’s time to plan what you’re going to be grabbing your dad, grandpa or whomever you buy your gift for! Let us help you out with a few gifting ideas. In this first of many Father’s Day blogs, we take a look at gift ideas to encourage dad to cook outdoors more. Is it a new set of barbecue tools? Furniture? Maybe a new barbecue itself? Here are a few things to consider when you go gifting for dad this year.

Bulova Computron 1976 Re-Edition Watch review

There's a particular resurgence of vintage right now, and Bulova has seized the opportunity to (re-)release the Bulova Computron 1976 Re-Edition Watch.

Major fitness equipment to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions

Owning the right fitness equipment for your home will help you keep on track with your New Year's fitness resolutions this year.

Best backpacks for school

Whether you're headed back to school after a nice break or just starting school, you'll want to check out the best backpacks for school.

Kate Spade cases and sleeves to protect your devices in style

When you're spending your hard-earned cash on expensive electronics, it's important to keep them as safe as possible. Thankfully, Kate Spade cases let you do that with ease—and you won't have to sacrifice style for security.

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