Targus Transpire Advanced Laptop Bag on a white backdrop under sunlight

With the evolution of technology, functional laptop bags like the Targus Transpire Advanced have become a necessity for both study and work. Brands like Targus use forward-thinking designs to change how you carry around and protect your valuable hardware day-to-day. And the best part is that they are still stylish and compact enough to be comfortable for everyday commutes.

As someone going back to school in the fall, I have to say this laptop bag was a huge upgrade from my current one. There were plenty of improvements offered by this bag in comfort, functionality, and design. I’ll be covering all these features and providing my thoughts right here in this review.

Features of Targus Transpire Advanced laptop bag

  • Dedicated laptop pouch with a protective sling to save your device from falls or drops
  • Two main pouches and four smaller ones with pockets for organizing
  • Water-resistant material and base to keep your valuables dry
  • Bright interior for quickly finding your supplies in any lighting
  • Extremely lightweight design, with adjustable padded straps for extra comfort
  • Hidden pouch with a rain cover to fully protect your bag from wet weather
  • Functional loops and straps, with one on the back for attaching a suitcase
  • Features two water bottle pouches and two loops for quick and easy sunglasses storage
Targus Transpire Advanced Laptop Bag pouring out the contents of a laptop, journals and work supplies

My initial thoughts on the Targus Transpire Advanced

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what a laptop bag like this could offer over a traditional backpack, but after trying it out for myself I was thoroughly impressed with the Transpire Advanced. The first thing I noticed right away was just how lightweight it was, and the adjustable padded straps and back provided an incredibly comfortable fit, even when filled with my supplies.

The material and zippers themselves also felt much higher quality than I was used to. The canvas material Targus used is a step up from any of the simpler canvas bags you might be used to. The other main feature I noticed right away was the number of pouches and the overall design of the interior, which I’ll talk more about below.

Targus Transpire Advanced Laptop Bag pouches opened to show organizational methods and compartments

Plentiful storage in the Transpire Advanced backpack

There are a total of two main large pouches and four smaller zipper pouches in the Transpire Advanced. The first one is the primary pouch with smaller organizational pockets and a laptop compartment with a SafePort sling. This sling protects your laptop from any impact on your bag by providing a layer of shock absorption. If, like me, you’re someone who throws your bag down after a long day this can be a lifesaver for protecting your fragile devices. The only drawback to this feature is it does limit what size of what laptop can fit. The second main pouch is a standard open section with enough room to fit anything else or even a larger laptop.

The two front smaller pouches are medium to small sizes. They are perfect for earphone cases, keys, or a wallet that you want quick and easy access to at any time. Meanwhile, the third opening is within the main laptop pouch and it’s used for better organization. The fourth pouch is on the side, but it’s difficult to make use of it as it stores the waterproof covering for the bag itself.

For pens and other tools, there are flaps you can tuck your most used tools into. This makes it so you don’t have to rummage around your bag for them every time as well.

Bright lining makes finding items easier

The brightly coloured interior makes a world of difference for the stylish, black Transpire Advanced laptop bag. Not only is everything sorted into separate pouches and smaller zippers, but it’s bright enough to be see-through in any lighting. This eliminates the struggle of trying to search for a black pen, in a black bag, under dim light. If you’re like me, you may have experienced this many times during a late-night cramming session. The front pouches are lightly transparent on the inside, which is a useful feature that allowed me to see through the front into the other pockets all at once (as illustrated in the image above). I think this is fantastic for quickly finding what you need.

Targus Transpire Advanced Laptop Bag on it's side with the top pouches open

Practical features of the stylish Targus Transpire Advanced laptop bag

While they’re arguably the most important part of a bag, the compartments aren’t the most exciting thing about the Targus laptop bag. The protective cover unfolds out of the small side pouch to reveal a fully separate cover for your bag. It goes over the top of this laptop bag completely while leaving the straps out the back so you can still carry it. I think it adds another layer of protection for your backpack and all your valuable possessions within, especially if you live somewhere rainy.

The zippers of the bag also include rope so they can be tied together for even more security. It makes sure nothing pushes the zippers apart without you knowing, and in my opinion, it can save you from potential disaster. I did also notice the rope stopped the zippers from hitting each other as much and making a sound when walking with the bag on. This is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to a lot of bags I’ve used in the past, so I think it’s a great addition.

One more significant feature I will call out is the suitcase strap. It’s a hook-and-loop strap on the bag that can wrap around your luggage handles and it turns your backpack and your suitcase into one, easy-to-carry package. The backpack straps also have two loops for quickly putting away your sunglasses when going indoors. It made me feel as though this bag has a bit of everything needed to organize your on-the-go lifestyle, and it’s almost like a universal tool that protects your gear everywhere you go.

Who is the Transpire Advanced bag designed for?

Myself wearing the Targus Transpire Advanced Laptop Bag outdoors

This Targus backpack is advertised as being an active and professional backpack and it’s great for anyone who is often travelling, commuting to work, or going to school. It’s perfect for going from work to workouts because of the storage space available, and I think it looks stylish but sedate enough for any setting. I can definitely see the vision Targus had for the bag in the design, especially in terms of the protective sling. While it’s great for commuting, I can easily see myself using it in a school setting. The organizational pockets will really help with pens, calculators, and more. Overall, I could easily see myself taking this bag anywhere, and with the cover, it would keep my gear safe at beaches and in stormy weather.

Should you choose the Targus backpack?

And after taking a look at everything the Targus Transpire Advanced has to offer, I can confidently recommend it as something I would use myself. It’s a stylish work backpack, but it’s also an extremely versatile bag that will hold up in most outdoor situations. It protects everything you have inside and uses multiple layers of security against the outside environment.

You can find the Targus Transpire Advanced laptop bag at Best Buy online.

Steven Garrard
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