Staying fit no matter where your travels take you

Whether travelling or going out locally we may find ourselves out of the house a little more as the weather warms up. This is great but no matter who you are this could put a dent in your attempts to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. I will go through 3 different things I adopted to help me stay on track regardless of where I am. Open your mind to these things and collectively it wlll take your health from average to good!   

Jawbone UP app overview

The Jawbone UP app is all about you!   The new Jawbone UP app works in tandem with the newly released Jawbone UP24 bracelet. Of all the fitness trackers, this one provides the most complete picture of how your fitness plan is working. Metrics are displayed on bright, cheery user-friendly screens and the UP app is simple to use.   Find out more about the new way to track your fitness and health.

Reach your fitness goals with the Garmin vivofit

In the past year the wearable tech market has really exploded. From Bluetooth rings to Smart Eyelashes we’ve seen them all, but there’s nowhere it’s been more dominant than in the fitness category. To improve your heath and keep yourself accountable, you just can’t go wrong with a fitness band, and the latest band out of Garmin will track to improve your sleep and monitor your heart during fitness activities too.   Garmin has entered the fitness ring with the Garmin vivofit, available now at Best Buy.

5 reasons to pick up an electronic bicycle right now

Maybe you’ve seen people commuting in the bike lane on them, or you’ve watched someone effortlessly cruise up a crazy hill and you wondered exactly what they were riding – for most people, one chance encounter of watching someone cruise on an e-bike is enough to get them to put it on their ‘to-do’ list, and one ride is all it takes to hook you forever.

Achieve your fitness goals with the Polar Loop and the Polar...

  Though there are many activity and step counters available on the market, the Polar Loop is one of the few to be compatible with a heart rate monitor. I had the opportunity to test the Polar Loop with the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor and here’s what I thought:

Kick start your weekend with breakfast smoothies and juices

I watched ‘Fat, sick, and Nearly Dead’ the other day. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it. I really thought it was something similar to the ‘SuperSize Me’ documentary that had everyone running away from McDonalds.   Turns out, I couldn’t have watched a more timely documentary. This month on Shelly’s Friday Favourites I’ve been talking about smoothies and juicing, and I don’t think you could find more information about the health benefits of juicing anywhere else. I’ve been researching the topic and looking at recipes all month, but that documentary really demonstrated how you could turn your life around with juicing.

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