Is Oculus Rift the coolest tech gift this season?

It’s that time of year again. Time to start figuring out what gifts you’re going to buy everyone this holiday season. If you’ve got a technology lover on your shopping list this year, you can’t go wrong with putting a little virtual reality gear under the holiday tree. There are more than a few options out there, though, so I’m going to let you know why the Oculus Rift is quite possibly the coolest tech gift this season.

Gaming upgraded with PS4 Pro enhanced games

Announced earlier this fall, Sony is set to release their latest iteration of the PS4, a mid-generation console upgrade. Named the PlayStation 4 Pro or PS4 Pro for short, it’s set to bring gamers better frame rates, higher resolution textures, quicker load times and more.

My review of the 4K Roku Ultra media streaming player

If you're in the market for a 4K TV, you need to check out the Roku Ultra media streaming player. It serves up a huge variety of beautiful 4K and HDR content in an easy to use package.

Gifts for The Musician: The First Piano

Offering a musical instrument as a gift can be one of the most rewarding experiences. A piano is the perfect place to start! I'll take a look at a few options for you to give that special someone their first piano this holiday season!

Coolest appliances that you’ll wish someone was giving you this year

Appliances are no longer boring boxes or devices in your home: they're stylish, functional, and sometimes high-tech, gear that easily make it to the top of many a gift wish list. Here are some of the coolest ones worth asking for this year.

Clothes vs. toys: how to choose the best gift for a...

When it comes to getting a gift for a young child, do you opt to make mom and dad happy by getting a useful and cute piece of clothing, or aim to be the "cool" gift-giver and get a fun toy? There are several considerations to ensure maximum gift appreciation by going either route.

Review: Pebble 2 Smartwatch

There’s a new Pebble smartwatch in town and it’s quite interesting to see what Pebble has chosen as the key features of its entry-level model four years after it broke Kickstarter records as one of the most funded and most successful projects ever with 68,929 backers.

Review: VEX Robotics Construction Set – Robotic Arm

Join me today for a look at the VEX Robotics Construction Set - Robotic Arm. This set, which is a STEM learning toy, is a mechanical crane that you build yourself. It also actually works! If you'd like to learn all about this fun and educational kit, as well as see a brief video review in which I compare the VEX Robotic Arm to the VEX Robotics "HEXBUG" Spider that I reviewed 2 weeks ago, just click on through and start reading!

New hoverboards will be very popular this holiday season

As we enter the holiday season, one of this year's most popular transportation options should be at the top of your gift list (whether for yourself or someone else!) Hoverboards are better than ever. Over the past couple years, hoverboard technology has taken a huge step up. They have their own safety certification, better mechanics to keep you on board and some even have bluetooth enabled features.