10 unique accessories for your Apple devices

If you have an Apple device, then you likely already know that the bevy of accessories available to you can truly enhance the user experience. Whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, choices are abundant, and those with real functional value are probably the ones that will have the most lasting impact. Each product in this list falls well into that category.

Kobo Aura H2O (Edition 2) review

Reading a book on a breezy afternoon at the pool, or after a long day while sitting in the tub are two scenarios the Kobo Aura H2O is made for.

How to watch TV on your phone and what to watch

Wondering the best way to get streaming TV on your phone, and what there realy is to watch in Canada anyway? We've got the scoop!

In the Dorm: Tablet vs. TV

Heading off to college or university is an exciting time. And if you’re planning to live in a dorm room, it means stocking up on all of the gear you’ll need for the shared living space. When it comes to a display device, one wouldn’t even think of a tablet as being a full-on TV replacement. But when you consider that your home base will be such small living quarters, this becomes a real consideration. And there are advantages for each technology when it comes to both productivity and entertainment.

Kobo announces Aura H20, the waterproof e-reader

If there’s one thing better than sitting on the beach, it’s sitting on the beach with a good book. An e-book, preferably. Unfortunately water, sand and e-readers don’t mix and protective cases can be a pain. Kobo has fixed that problem once and for all with the all new Kobo Aura H2O, a waterproof, sandproof and dustproof e-reader.

Gifts that will help them get the most from their tablet

Like many people who own a tablet, I love mine. I use it every day, often for hours at a time. And just as many of those other tablet fans do, I frequently find the experience can be improved with accessories. Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, here are some suggestions for gifts that will help those on your list get the most from their tablets.

Hands on with Samsung’s new PRO tablets: the Galaxy NotePRO 12.2,...

One of the cool aspects of this job is being able to try out a hotly anticipated new device before it’s officially available. What’s even cooler is when a manufacturer sends you a whole box of new gadgets to review. That was the case when I cracked open the shipment from Samsung to find the new Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, Galaxy TabPRO 8.4 and Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 tablets. You can buy all three now at Best Buy, but I had the opportunity to get to know them before they hit the shelves. While I was especially impressed by the Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 (with its massive 12.2-inch, four million pixel display), all three PRO models are likely to please Android tablet fans, and offer a solid choice for prosumers and those looking for a business-friendly option.

Turn Your Tablet into an Entertainment Swiss Army Knife

Watching streaming video through Netflix or YouTube is easily the most popular and thought of video-related activity people use their tablets for. But your tablet can become an invaluable tool to augment your video entertainment experience in so many ways.

Review: Insignia 8-inch Flex Windows Tablet

It’s not as easy to find a smaller tablet that runs Windows 10, but Insignia has one in its new 8-inch Flex tablet. The device isn’t outfitted with the latest and greatest specs, and as such, is not going to be able to perform everything one might expect out of a mobile device running a full version of Windows. Keeping your expectations measured may let you stretch more out of it.

Top Kid’s Tablet Picks for the Holidays

Looking for a fun tech gift for a child on your list? There are a ton of really cool kid-friendly tablets, plus affordable entry-level models, that are great for kids from aged 3 up to tween and teenage. Check out some of our favourites.

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