D-Link Announces New HD Security Cameras at CES

If you'd like to learn about D-Link's latest HD Security Camera offerings, just announced today at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, then click on through and check them out.

CES 2017: New D-Link whole home Wi-Fi solutions

This year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Show is underway. One of the themes this year is better Wi-Fi. D-Link introduced two new whole home solutions that will interest anyone in search of an easy, reliable and fast wireless boost for their entire home.

3 big appliance trends coming out of CES 2017

CES 2017 has kicked off with a bang. If you're going to do a kitchen renovation or you're upgrading your appliances, there are a few major appliance trends you'll want to know about.

Arlo debuts a smart Baby Monitor at CES 2017

Arlo makes great security systems and now they make a great baby monitor too! Come meet Arlo Baby Smart HD Monitoring Camera, introducted at CES 2017

Asus has two new smartphones, goes ‘Deluxe’ on its ZenBook 3...

Asus officially entered the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) space with its new Zenfone AR smartphone, while focusing on how a camera focuses with its Zenfone 3 Zoom handset. On top of that, it has gone a little bigger with its ZenBook 3 laptop by unveiling a “Deluxe” version.

Kerastase and Withings’ unveil the Hair Coach at CES 2017

“The future of hair care” is how Withings describes the Hair Coach, a smart hairbrush designed to help users manage and improve the health of their locks. Designed for those with shoulder length hair or longer, the brush offers unique features.

Samsung announces QLED TV at CES 2017

Samsung announced brand new TV technology today in the form of QLED TVs. We'll look at how the technology is different, what this means for you, and how will these TVs potentially change the way you watch content and even decorate your home.

LG Laser Smart Home Theater Projector announced at CES 2017

LG has revealed a brand new home theatre projector at CES 2017. The laser powered ProBeam will allow you to use it even in the brightest light, plus it's smaller and more portable than ever.

Mesh networking brings whole home Wi-Fi for 2017

While autonomous cars, smart appliances and super thin TVs made most of the headlines at CES 2017 last week in Las Vegas, an underlying trend was mesh networking in the home. Think of it as Wi-Fi with a wider net that doesn’t lose signal strength at each point in the chain: it’s better Wi-Fi for your home.

Top New Technologies at CES 2017 for Your Smart Home

If you're a smart home enthusiast, be sure to check out today's overview of several of the top smart home innovations to come out of CES 2017. There's a lot of great stuff in here, so prepare to take notes!

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