Meet the Sony A8G and MASTER Series A9G OLED televisions  

Sony’s A8G and MASTER Series A9G OLED TVs provide sharp, lifelike images with bright and vibrant colours, absolute black, and stunning contrast and shadow detail.

The A8G runs on the Picture Processor X1 Extreme with 4K X-Reality Pro technology, while the MASTER Series A9G is powered by the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, Sony’s best processor ever, which works alongside Pixel Contrast Booster technology. Both TVs provide stunning, realistic images in full 4K HDR clarity to reproduce content as he creators intended.

The A8G’s Acoustic Surface Technology provides immersive sound directly from the screen, and the MASTER Series A9G upgrades to Acoustic Surface Audio+ with 2.2-channel sound compatible with Dolby Atmos for an even more immersive sound experience without external speakers.

Both models feature Android TV with Google Assistant built in, along with compatibility for Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices, and support for Apple HomeKit and Airplay 2 for integration with iOS devices.1 Both the A8G and MASTER Series A9G have Chromecast built-in to easily share your media on your TV.

Sony MASTER Series A9G — 4K UHD HDR OLED Android Smart TV


With both the Sony A8G BRAVIA OLED and MASTER Series A9G OLED TVs, you’ll get great contrast, deep blacks, vibrant colours, amazing shadow detail, and an overall more natural picture, thanks to more than 8 million self-illuminating pixels.

Each individual pixel in the A8G is precisely and individually controlled by the X1 Extreme processor, resulting in a level of contrast that reveals details in a scene with depth, textures, and colours you might never have experienced before.

As part of Sony’s Master Series of TVs, the A9G is among the very best, able to faithfully convey the content as the creator intended, whether it’s movies, sports programming, or TV series. It’s designed with the latest and greatest proprietary TV technology to provide an enhanced viewing experience.


Enjoy natural and lifelike pictures

You’ll feel like you’re right there with the action while watching content on the Sony A8G BRAVIA OLED TV and MASTER Series A9G, which provide a more natural-looking picture. Both models feature 4K X-Reality Pro which reproduces lifelike detail and stunning clarity, regardless of what you’re watching.

It achieves this through a pair of image improvement databases that work together to dynamically improve images, in real time. One upscales images to near 4K quality, and the second cleans the picture and reduces on-screen noise.

The 4K HDR Picture Processor X1 Ultimate in the MASTER Series A9G is super-charged by Pixel Contrast Booster, which reveals bright and vivid colours and refined detail to provide striking realism.

Sony delivers a totally enhanced picture

IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision in the A8G BRAVIA OLED and MASTER Series A9G help bring you right into the action in movies. Dolby Vision provides striking highlights, deeper darks, and vibrant colours for an immersive and cinematic viewing experience from the comfort of your home. 4K Ultra HD resolution combined with HDR technology means you’ll get pictures with dazzling details, colour, and contrast, and a wider range of brightness than you might find with other video formats.

As Sony’s best processor ever, the 4K ultra Picture Processor X1 Ultimate in the MASTER Series A9G means the TV provides object-based rendering in real-time, and at lightning speeds, so whatever you’re watching is remastered and upscaled to near 4K HDR quality.

Everything that appears on screen is analyzed by the MASTER Series A9G’s intelligent processing and optimized individually so the result is a picture with amazing contrast, sharpness, and colour, and that looks nearly identical to the real thing.

1. AirPlay 2 and HomeKit compatibility will be available later this year. This Sony TV is compatible with AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. iOS 12.2 or later or macOS 10.14.4 or later is required.

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