Upgrade your home theatre and treat yourself to epic sound for movies, music, games, and TV shows. Choose the compact Sonos Beam soundbar and enjoy voice control via Amazon Alexa. Have a larger room? The versatile Sonos Playbar offers full theatre sound for all of your movies and TV shows, and connects to Wi-Fi to stream your favourite playlists.

Both the Sonos Beam and the Sonos Playbar are wall mountable, and you can customize the placement of your soundbar with the Sonos Beam wall mount and the Sonos Playbar wall mount. Match your home decor by choosing a Sonos Beam wall mount in white or black finish, while the Sonos Playbar wall mount offers you a rattle-free placement that saves you space on your entertainment stand.

Control your home theatre with your voice

Stream your favourite song or turn up the volume without digging for the remote control. With the Sonos Beam, all you need is your voice to control your TV. Thanks to Amazon Alexa built in, you can use voice controls to turn the volume up, choose your favourite tune, or even ask what the weather is like outside.

Get full-theatre sound in a versatile, mountable design with the Sonos Playbar. It’s an all-in-one home theatre soundbar and streaming music speaker that connects to Amazon Echo or Dot too. No matter which you choose, placement is easy. Thanks to the custom wall mount for Sonos Beam, you can mount it anywhere and just use your voice for control. The wall mount for Sonos Playbar also offers you versatile placement with wall pegs in precisely the right place.

Sonos gives you great sound in every room

When you bring home the Sonos Beam you aren’t just bringing home a soundbar; you’re tapping into the Sonos sound system. The system lets you wirelessly connect to other Sonos speakers via Wi-Fi; you can easily add more speakers and fill your entire home with connected audio. Just mount your Sonos Beam using the white or black Sonos Beam wall mount, connect to your other speaker, and enjoy deep, rich audio throughout your house.

The music never stops when you have the Sonos Playbar powering your home theatre. It streams via Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth, so your favourite song won’t cut out if you need to take a call. With nine speakers, you can create a wide path of sound for music, movies, games, and TV, and placement is easy thanks to wall mount that offers a secure, rattle-free installation.

Simple to set up, simple to use

Installing and using the Sonos Beam or the Sonos Playbar is plug and play simple. The Sonos Beam can be placed on your TV stand or hung on the wall securely with the Sonos Beam wall mount. It includes two mounting points to secure your Beam to the wall. Once mounted, just plug your Sonos Beam into power, download the Sonos app, connect it to your TV via the HDMI cord, and begin enjoying your favourite media.

It’s just as easy to install the Sonos Playbar. It works lying flat on your TV stand or mounted horizontally above or below your TV using the Sonos Playbar wall mount. It connects using one power cord and one optical cord, and the Sonos app will walk you through every step. You can access over 80 streaming services via Wi-Fi, and there’s a spot for all of your gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and media boxes.

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