Not your average speaker

Weighing less than a pound, this is the most portable speaker Sonos has made to date, and despite its small stature, the Sonos Roam packs in plenty inside. Use it as part of a Sonos system at home over Wi-Fi, or make the most of AirPlay 2 as an Apple user to listen to the content you like with wireless convenience. Step away from home, and Bluetooth can take over to keep the music playing.

If your adventures include splashing in some water, take the Roam with you. Its waterproof body makes it a blast to listen to, no matter if it’s quiet time at the pool, or fun time at the beach. As a smart speaker, you can choose to talk to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your smart home devices.

Sonos Roam portable speaker black

Streaming anywhere and everywhere

When at home, the Roam connects like any other Sonos speaker. Set it up with your Wi-Fi network, and stream audio content to it from any of the services Sonos supports within its own app. That includes many of the most popular music streaming services, as well as podcasts and audiobooks.

That convenience extends to easy integrations, like Spotify Connect, letting you play anything you listen to directly from that app. AirPlay 2 gives iPhone, iPad and Mac users the option to wirelessly push any audio playback to the Roam with only a few taps.

You can also take the Roam on the go with Bluetooth to keep on listening by automatically pairing once you step out of Wi-Fi range. The Roam is smart enough to also do the reverse, automatically reconnecting when you arrive back home.

Sonos Roam hiking image

Smart tuning, smart assistance, smart power

Sonos’ Trueplay™ tuning works automatically and constantly to optimize sound based on where you place it. It will recalibrate every time, measuring its surroundings with sensors to improve sound quality so you always get the best coming out of the Roam.

With either Alexa or Google Assistant onboard, you always have virtual assistance whenever the Roam is on Wi-Fi. Set it up in the Sonos S2 app, press the Roam’s microphone button to turn it on, and say a command anytime you’re ready.

The Roam can keep playing for up to 10 hours on a single charge, and once on standby for a set period, knows to go to sleep to save battery life. Press the power button and it wakes up ready to play again in less than a second. When you need to recharge, lay it on a Qi-enabled wireless charging pad, or plug in via USB-C.

Rugged, with a shot of versatility

Don’t let the Roam’s good looks fool you. It can get down and dirty when need be, courtesy of its IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. Submerge it down to three feet of clearwater for up to 30 minutes, and it keeps going.

The solid build also makes it durable enough to survive an accidental fall, with rubberized ends to act as shock absorbers, just in case. If sand gets on it, no need to worry when you can just rinse it off.

A speaker this light and rugged is made to go where you go, making no excuses for not playing the hits you like most. Pack the Roam to go with you on your next adventure.

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