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Smart Cube Overview

Smart Cube Overview


Think of all the reasons you might want to lock something within your home or office. You may want to child-proof a cabinet or protect confidential files. Maybe you’re an Airbnb host and want to keep guests from rifling through personal possessions with a drawer lock. Smart Cube is a Bluetooth-enabled locking system that is the ultimate home security solution for these situations.

Smart Cube easily attaches to any drawer, closet or cabinet using 3M VHB tape, providing tamper-proof protection. Your smart device becomes your key. Unlock the Smart Cube with your smartphone, set up convenient automatic proximity unlocking, even give (and revoke) guest access to a Smart Cube-protected location, with the touch of a button. If anyone attempts to gain entry without permission, you’ll receive a notification. 

Smart Cube is a home security solution that integrates with your existing smart home ecosystem, offering compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 



Is there something in your home or office you want kept secure? A knife drawer, liquor cabinet or filing cabinet, perhaps? Smart Cube easily attaches to virtually any cabinet, closet or drawer, installing in just seconds using double-sided 3M tape.

With Smart Cube installed, your smartphone or tablet running the Smart Armor app becomes your key. Effortlessly unlock the Smart Cube to gain access to your protected belongings, and use the app to share access with people you trust. You can change your mind at any time and revoke their access.

If an unauthorized person tries to gain access to a Smart Cube-protected location, you’ll receive a notification. Besides knowing of the attempt, you can rest easy because your valuables are physically secured by a tamper-resistant smart lock that can withstand up to 125 pounds of force.



The worst part about having multiple locks to deal with is having to carry and fumble through a big collection of keys. With Smart Cube, the keys are eliminated. Your smartphone is your key.

Smart Cube goes a step further in smart home security convenience. With the Smart Armor app, you can configure a drawer lock, cabinet lock or anything protected by a Smart Cube to automatically unlock when you’re near. This is an extremely user-friendly feature that means your valuables are safely protected from anyone else, but you don’t even have to launch an app, enter a code or find the right key to gain access. You just need to be within a set proximity (which is customizable).


Smart Cube is designed to seamlessly integrate into your smart home, complementing your existing setup with a new layer of personalized home security.

Smart Cube is equipped with secure Bluetooth 4.0+ wireless connectivity (with up to 100 foot range) that can “talk” to other devices in a connected home. It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can use secure voice authentication for control. You can also access your Smart Cube from any smartphone, tablet or PC by using your access code.

There are no wires to worry about. Smart Cube is powered by a standard CR-2 camera battery that should last 1-2 years. When the battery runs low, you will receive a notification in the Smart Armor app and if a Smart Cube runs out of power, it will automatically unlock until you replace the battery.


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  1. How can Best Buy carry a product that defrauded the investors that helped get this product to market. Just look at all the posts and the delays that the company posted themselves. Come on Best Buy! Get this product off your selves until they make good on their original promises. They either need to get a full refund to those investors or get them the product they promised. Did you not do your do your homework and find out that this company was built by defrauding backers? As a Minnesota Resident I now will not support Best Buy and will encourage everyone I know not to do so. I am so disgusted not just in Smart Armor but now it Best Buy!

  2. Do not buy this product!! This company is sketchy. They still have not supported or provided products to their indiegogo backers yet they are trying to sell this through BestBuy. All of their reports to their backers said they have been having issues with the quality of the product. Do not trust them!

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