Taking out the trash is one of those must-do daily tasks, but simplehuman Sensor Cans make throwing away trash quick, efficient, and hassle-free. Just say, “open can” or wave your hand over the motion sensor and your trash lid will open. You can toss whatever is in your hands without having to touch the lid, and your sensor can will either close automatically or you can say “close can” when you’re done.

simplehuman Sensor Cans are smart enough to adapt to your busy home. You can place your sensor can in a high traffic area and you won’t have false triggers or unexpected lid closures. If you’re in the middle of a longer chore you can ask your sensor can to “stay open” and it will only close when you ask it to or automatically after 10 minutes. When the can is full and you need a new liner, just reach into the liner pocket and do a quick change with simplehuman durable custom liners.


Automatic sensor can gives you quick access to trash

When you’re in the middle of a kitchen task or you’re cleaning up around your home, the most important clean-up tool you have is your trash can. With a simplehuman touch-free sensor can, you can pick up and deposit your trash without having to touch the can at all.

With just a wave of your hand or the sound of your voice, your automatic sensor can will open up and stay open for as long as you need it to. You can go back and forth, cleaning your home, and your sensor can will offer you quick, clean access to trash. It has room to spare too; the liner rim sensor trash can has 25% more capacity so you can fill it up with more trash and take it out to the curb less often.

A sensor can with voice control

No matter where you place the simplehuman Sensor Can in your home, it will be able to pick up your voice commands. Each can has three microphones that triangulate sound for far-field voice recognition accuracy, so you can call for your can to open or close in loud, busy rooms where there are multiple voices and your can will respond when you need it to.

Your sensor can is designed to avoid false triggers or unexpected lid closures. It won’t open until you say, “open can.” You can ask your sensor can to “stay open” and the lid will not close until you say “close can.” It will also automatically close after 10 minutes. 

simplehuman Sensor Cans are whisper-quiet

An automatic sensor can makes cleaning a breeze, and you’ll never have to to worry about the simplehuman Sensor Can adding excess operating noise to your home. It’s whisper-quiet and glides open and closed almost silently. At 52 db, the sensor can is 50% quieter than the competition’s automatic trash can.

simplehuman Sensor Cans look great while they collect your trash too. Made from the best materials and with solid engineering, they are easy to use, easy to clean, and have invisible Agion finger-print proof coating to protect the can’s stainless steel exterior. Agion®️ is an EPA-registered antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew. You can also line your sensor trash can with simplehuman custom-fit liners and you’ll enjoy a trash bag that’s durable enough to fill up and take to the curb.

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